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    See You Later

    HAHAHA! Did it Hurt? See ya kknd. i should be taking the same kinda approach as you... but im not. good luck EDIT: Crap! Wrong User Name.
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    The Caption Contest.

    No. 4
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    The Ipod Shuffle-

    you cant deny, their pretty good looking. ipods in general i mean. I love the way apple uses white for stuff. i can say my gp32 is an igame and nobdy argues.
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    ebaums world? they had it last week, thats when i saw it. it really does make you cringe. wouldnt like to be the guy with the master sword. :lol:
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    Where Do I Put My Psp Videos?!

    i dont have a psp so i cant help you much, but put a copy of the video in every folder, and youre bound to have one right :)
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    Nintendo Revoloution

    looks like a pimped up snes :lol:
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    Nintendo Revoloution

    i doubt nintendo would go in that direction knowing that some people couldnt experience their games. EDIT: added some
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    New Xbox 360 Pics.

    Xenon is a great name
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    Anyone Remeber

    the answers above
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    ok. 'fess up. who did a tits vs ass fight. :D ps. ass won
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    What's Your First...

    goldeneye doom mod, drunken frogger and azcat.
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    New Xbox 360 Pics.

    dont use wap or make calls while using wireless pads, its the main cause of shite interference. annoying when your trying to look for x-box cheats on a net enabled pda.
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    Anyone Remeber

    what was the answer?
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    Burglurs coming through the downstairs window and slitting my throught :blink:
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    Yet More Problems With A Crappy Sony Product

    lol my dad bought his vaio from staples and the mouse only worked in verticles from the first time he got it. we tryed to return it but staples denied that the mouse was covered by guarantee and coaxed my technology excluded dad to buy a microsoft executive leather optical mouse for 35 quid.
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    Star Wars Episode Iii Ds

    i know what youre talking about. curse argos' no '16 day rfund policy' coverage on the ds. :(
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    Anyone Remeber

    6 places where you talk. hmmmm i thouht it had somethin to do with the sixth sense
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    Anyone Remeber

    the latest one is hard. very very hard :(