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    Why Would You Choose The Gp32ii Over The Psp?

    Yes you can watch movies off memory stick they are in the mp4 format
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    Manicminer-type Games.

    if you look round there are hacked versions of manic miner with new levels there is a level editor for it I just had a look on world of spectrum website and there looks like there is 7 manic miner hacked versions
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    Which Type Of Gp32?

    FLU from GBAX
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    Dlwd Magazine Mailing List?

    I`d sign up as well
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    What Kind Of Gp32 Do You Have?

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    Anyone Having Trouble With Frontpage??

    Works fine for me both with firefox and IE
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    A Very Big Problem

    You will need to register your gp32 on (click english on top of screen) and then you can get freelauncher from there
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    Bbc Emulation Experiment

    I think the game you are after is called imogen or something similar
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    Duke 3d

    If you look on PocketGamer you will see that duke nukem 3d has just been ported to pocket pc so if you can get in touch with the author of this port the work of converting it to arm code has already been done
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    I Wan To Buy Games At Entware Can I Download It On

    They come as .zpk and you download them to your pc and use gp32 pclink to install them to your gp32
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    Emulation On Pdas - Palm & Pocket Pc Etc

    I have a Pocket PC the emulator have very good compatabilty the best one is MorphGear but this is a commercial emulator that does GB,GBA,SNES,PCE,Genesis,SMS but the controls on my pocket pc are very iffy at best which is why i got a GP32 which although slower has much better controls making it...
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    Dc Questions

    Metropolis street racer crazy taxi 1 & 2 plus too many other good games to mention if you can get hold of a dreamcast at a good price get it you wont regret it
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    Snes Library-thing

    Try here Snes Gamebase
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    Where Do You Live?

    Sheffield, UK
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    Pocket Uae

    Yes Please and if you want another amiga nut for a beta tester put me down, I have tried the pocket pc version and though a little slow seems to run quite well if anyone else with a pocket pc wants to give it a try go here pocketuae site
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    try right clicking them and selecting save as beat me to it :)
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    History Of Wonderboy

    I think thats a port of the original arcade version as far as i can remember
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    Cant Buy Doom 1 Or 2 Anywhere!

    You can buy them to download immediately from id software store have a look here
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    Install Fpk With A Card Reader

    you can find gp extract here
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    Do You Use An AC Adapter For Your GP32?

    I Just use rechargeables 1800mAh NiMh