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    How to calculate a price for the Pyra

    To quote Billy Madison: "what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to...
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    A further update on preorders (18th of November 2012)

    All pre-orders for iCP2 should be shipped in 2 months.
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    A further update on preorders (18th of November 2012)

    Man.. here's a good question: Who is crazier: John McAfee and 'the Belize government is out to get me!!!!' or Craigix and 'All these people who have donated thousands of hours of their time to try to help make my project successful are out to get me!!!'
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    Pandora OS Vs Android

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    Prometheus: WTF ?!??!

    Craigix's sense of self-righteousness is quite impressive. He claims to have 'devoted his life full-time' to this project, and yet he's so full of himself that he'd rather sabotage the entire thing than just let go of some comments that he feels reflect negatively on him. Lets all be honest...
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    bypassing emulator frontends

    Hey - you might be interested in this thread from last November about how to create PND's that auto-launch into specific games:
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    How to install Android on your Pandora

    I only briefly just started to try to run the Android PND and when I very first started it up it was prompting me with questions about creating some sort of partition. I killed the process at that point and haven't had a chance to get back to trying anything yet. What was that all about...
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    Release SuperZaxxon - Beta 3 released

    Bummer. Is it something that can/will be fixed? Will it be a pain/long time to fix sort of thing (sounds like you apparently already have an idea of what the problem is apparnetly?)? I noticed some pretty bad graphical glitches (almost looks like screen tearing along the top of the screen...
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    Release SuperZaxxon - Beta 3 released

    Just a quick update - I went in and deleted the 'cpuspeed' files (wasn't the .ovr - my mistake) and i still experience the problem if I hit the slider to go into low-power mode when in Snes9X.
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    Release SuperZaxxon - Beta 3 released

    Apologize if this was already posted -- skimmed through the thread and didn't see it - but when resuming from sleep in Snes9x I think my cpu speed stayed underclocked? Was defaulted to run at 800mhz (may have had a .ovr file do it in the past -- after updating the firmware i set the system...
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    Release Pandora Overlay Menu

    How does this jive with Minimenu? Does it work with that or only when running from the full desktop?
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    Release PanMESS Beta

    Hey mindlord - mind sharing that sourcecode for advanceMAME? I can't seem to locate it.. wanted to try using the AdvanceMenu on some other emu's.
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    PanMAME Betatesting

    Hey - looks like the file no longer exists. Any chance you could re-upload the sourcecode? Would like to try my hand at adapting the front end to some other emulators.
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    PanMAME Betatesting

    Peculiar... latest version isn't starting for me. I saw a brief flicker of the loading screen and then it exits. Yesterdays' build worked fine for me. I deleted the .advance folder when updating. Anything else I'm forgetting or that I should try?
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    PanMAME Betatesting

    Hey mcobit - another vote for changes that reduce/fix the tearing. Love what you've done so far - but apparently I'm sensitive to it and it's nearly a deal-breaking kind of annoying to me.
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    PanMAME Betatesting

    I vote for 'S' and 'L' :-). Also - Shift+F7 isn't possible on the keyboard (at least not that i can figure out) because hitting the Function key to enable F7 changes the 'shift' key to another key (caps lock or something maybe? can't recall offhand). Thanks a lot for your work mcobit.
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    PanMAME Betatesting

    Random question - are SaveStates on the future todo list? or that something that just isn't likely ever going to happen? Thanks
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    PanMAME Betatesting

    Potentially dumb question - but what are the keys in the advmenu.rc that i need to change to set the paths? I'm searching through the advmenu.rc and not finding anything with 'snap' or 'rom' in it that has a directory to change. Edit: Nevermind.. is in the advmame.rc file.
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    Release Final Burn Alpha ported to Pandora (FAQ in first post)

    Can you point me to any good instructions on how to use clrmamepro to accomplish this?
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    Release PCSX ReARMed, with a new GPU

    Sweet- finally fixes the issue in Lunar where it didn't draw selections when doing things like loading/saving games. Great work guys.