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  1. Don Miguel

    Speed Of Aaaa

    ))) hey hey hey So u DID turn off the "film grain" effect. ))) 1/ to see FPS counter just push the right upper corner. 2/ use external tool to overdrive 3/ the CPU boost is commented out in "zlext.c" file (in the WIZ version of AAAA)
  2. Don Miguel

    Pandora Rebirth Competition - The Winners :)

    Way to go, all the winners! Never give up! ;) PS I\ve never wanted to get a job in Bavaria. I just like this part of Germany. It's like a different country in Germany. It's to clean, too peaceful. Gotta catch Gäuboden Folk Festival in Straubing this year )))
  3. Don Miguel

    The After. Talking about the competition.

    Hey everyone! I congratulate the winners! ED, thank you for the compo. I wish you a clouds less sky for Pandora & its successors. You have a nice international community here. B) This competition is very useful for the Pandora Scene. Have nice summer. ;)
  4. Don Miguel

    Release [Rebirth Competition] Deadly Caves

    ok... here's an update: Yuo can test our entry via CAANOO port: :o,1,0,0,26,846
  5. Don Miguel

    The Voting

    Have a good day! B) I'm sitting at work and looking at the current voting results.. It makes me wonder. The VOTING shows the GENERAL MOOD of the console community. It is like a fair MARKETING RESEARCH. I'd like to note that the voting is very important to Pandora Scene. Do Pandora users...
  6. Don Miguel

    Release 2unready

    nice! Reminds me my sweet school games )))
  7. Don Miguel

    The Voting

    You know, it's quite hard to debug, when you have no original hardware (Pandora)/ Sebt3 has fixed all the lags issues. Now everything works just perfect. I mean FPS and the simplified game controls. And since our sources are open, you can always try to improve it ;) Well... It took us 2...
  8. Don Miguel

    Rebirth Competition Release Thread

    In general the deadline is a deadline But I'd like to give extra week to sebt3 for his projects. I'd appeal to vote for the Future! Vote for Deadly Caves ^_^
  9. Don Miguel

    Release [Rebirth Competition] Deadly Caves

    Hey! I'd like to thank sebt3 for great help to the humbly Deadly Caves project. Those who wait for their own Panora can download the sources and Win32 / Linux builds: the sources :lol: play it on your Windoze :o...
  10. Don Miguel

    The Voting

    Very very :lol: If you are waiting for your Pandora, then you can try our new builds for some popular OS and devices (PC / Win / Linux) B) Here --> PS I'm fine if you pick the same entry among all the choices. PPS You can delete your vote and...
  11. Don Miguel

    Pictures of the Prizes - and Voting!

    Don't worry, be happy :)
  12. Don Miguel

    Rebirth Competition Release Thread

    ED, could you replace DEADLY CAVES dl link to PS there's a typo in the meta data. Due to the deadline the project has been built based on the AAAA project files.
  13. Don Miguel

    Release [Rebirth Competition] Dino Defense

    Nice entry!! You could add some scrolling clouds or so ;)
  14. Don Miguel

    Rebirth Competition Release Thread

    Fujur: You can download either PSP or PC versions of Xenoblast
  15. Don Miguel

    Rebirth Competition Release Thread

    ED, could you fix the authors, please? don miguel & quasist Don Miguel & Hahahoj & Ander Fer [Gruso edit - fixed :-] BTW Are you going to create something like a video review for the entries? Thank you!
  16. Don Miguel

    Pictures of the Prizes - and Voting!

    None of the cases is finger prints friendly. :wub: Yup. Good luck to all.
  17. Don Miguel

    Release [Rebirth Compo] Wicket, wizard in trouble

    Yay!! Old School Style is my favorite one! BTW do teleport sprites come from teh DOOM ? ;)
  18. Don Miguel

    Release [Rebirth Comp] Xenoblast (Codename)

    Shpuld, you could upload some win/linux version for the testers. The mod looks nice. We could compare it to the competition entries if you want. It's just great to create something. The competition is a great opportunity to show your skills and creativity.
  19. Don Miguel

    Rebirth Competition - Summary of Entries

    THIS IS... a PAPER WAR! Ж)