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  1. 3_bit

    Potential for Windows ME or XP?

    Yes, I know this is quite am ambitious proposal. I'm no real programmer and  I've never owned a Pandora, much less seen one in person. But with performance being more than doubled, and emulation of an i286 being more than doable on a Pandora, couldn't we have the Pyra hypothetically run Windows...
  2. 3_bit

    Pyra should have a female tripod connector built in to the case.

    Well, I would like to see some kind of a do-it-all computer in the future that had one... I don't see it really being useful on the Pyra, however.
  3. 3_bit

    Thoughts on wireless hardware

    I for one would totally use an IR transceiver. I have a PDA from 2001, and some other cool gear that uses it. It's a must for robot control, seeing as how using IR at the slave end only really needs 1 pin if you're only receiving. 
  4. 3_bit

    Docking port

    I think IR would be good too. For me, even if it ain't x86, pure versatility would be the selling point. I want a durable machine I can use for Skype over 4G, play modern games on, use for controlling robots (something the OP was rarely, if ever, used for, due to it having only 2 UART ports, or...
  5. 3_bit

    Finding a proper name and logo :)

    Open Andora Tried to squeeze an Android reference in... Now looks like Open Pandora with the P chopped off.
  6. 3_bit

    I can almost, with 90% certainty saythat the p2 should use an amd apu!

    Now looking at the now outdated Z-60's specs... I imagine you could really grab some x86 linux gamers (because TF2, Gmod and Minecraft do run on Linux) as I used to game with a 1st gen A8 APU computer with just the internal GFX and got really nice frames... I'd pay $800 if I could get 4-6GB of...
  7. 3_bit

    720p? 1080p? 1440p?

    Having a GPU drive that at full res with games would be... well, futile. Unless we have a discrete GPU.
  8. 3_bit

    Pandora Successor Should Not Have A New Name, But...

    How about "Open Pandora Resurrection Edition" after all, we could drastically improve hardware inside the thing.
  9. 3_bit

    don't click this link

    I clicked. oshi-
  10. 3_bit

    Impractical Pandora-successor names

    I'm thread viewer # 5554, which most likely makes you number 5555! WOOO! This is some thread. How about the 
  11. 3_bit

    An additional reason to have 2 full sized SD ports with one being SDIO

    You had me thinking "yes" when you mentioned 1 being SDIO. The more SDIO, the more we can sell it to those looking for high-grade robot control in a PDA that they can do all their gaming AND work on. AKA more versatility, which you can never have enough of. And 21 Mbps? That's faster than my...
  12. 3_bit

    Considering cheap(ish) phone your thoughts..?

    Well... I have a Samsung Brightside which I got with a contract. It was later reviewed as one of the top 5 worst phones of the year. I'm sure you really can't go wrong with a phone like that.
  13. 3_bit

    Original Gameboy + extras!

    Hello all, I have decided to part with my original gameboy with charger, , case, and definitely 3rd part light addon. I have a bunch of pictures here: (In case adding them to this post doens't work out properly at first) I'm not really naming prices, just toss some offers. Trades are also...
  14. 3_bit

    dedicated USB OTG mouses (check for interest..)

    Perhaps some member here ought to buy a batch and sell them. It probably wouldn't turn much profit.
  15. 3_bit

    Nvidia's Project Shield - 'Android & Tegra 4 inside'

    I'm building a new PC soon, but I'm using AMD graphics since they're better value... So pretty much I like the Shield, but I ain't buying. I will definitely buy the Switchblade when/if they offer it, regardless of stats. it's like the OP, but for Windows fans.
  16. 3_bit

    Pandora phone

    I'll wager the next Pandora will have a camera on the front, but either way you could, with the current Open Pandora and the right software* and a 3G/4G dongle or wifi hotspot, make phone calls. *I don't own an OP. Don't trust me. But it can be done. All of the hardware could easily do it.
  17. 3_bit

    Will we ever see this with a quad core and some decent ram?

    I think the best you could really hope for in the next OP is either an AMD processor likely with discrete GPU or something like the Tegra 4 or better. Of course, this is all speculation. Just don't expect an i7, 8 GB of RAM with a GTX 770 GPU. That's coming in the OP3.
  18. 3_bit

    All new threads must be polls?

    POLLCEPTION With all these (support) polls, we can be sure the OP2 is well supported.
  19. 3_bit

    How many preorders need to be filled?

    Now that I actually know about the numbers related to the preorders, how many (approximately) preorders of Craig's need to be filled? I guess this topic should be open to mods and other users if they know.
  20. 3_bit

    Avoiding the obvious: The OP 1.5

    I've noticed that half the threads here are about x86 and other dilemmas. Perhaps, instead of making the OP2.0, we fix the design flaws, test 1 or 2 new ideas, upgrade the NAND, RAM, and processor with a slightly different motherboard and case? Perhaps swap USB 2.0 for 3.0 if the ARM processor...