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  1. TitanUranus

    4 Ways to install Pandora Slackware(Windows/Linux/Zaxxon)

    Your screen shots looks like you're running windows 3.11 ffs :D . Nice work, I look forward to testing this sometime.
  2. TitanUranus

    ZX Spectrum on SuperZaxxon Final

    Jimmy Savile's autobiography probably has some tips too...
  3. TitanUranus

    ZX Spectrum on SuperZaxxon Final

    Have you forgotten how to download a file? Come on man, if you can load a speccy tape you can download a file and replace the old one! I appreciate the point that this SHOULD be updating, but let's all just have a moment's rejoicing that we have working speccy again. OK eveyrone, let's sing...
  4. TitanUranus

    ZX Spectrum on SuperZaxxon Final

    Dizzy's an egg? I always just assumed he was Hitler's missing testicle. Thanks for the update.
  5. TitanUranus

    ZX Spectrum on SuperZaxxon Final

    Great. The main reason I want/need a speccy emulator is that there're some unofficial Dizzy games I need to play, and a few of them are from odd Russian clones that use TRD's (pronounced "turds", as in "Excuse me while I pop a fresh turd into my speccy emulator"). A couple of the games have...
  6. TitanUranus

    ZX Spectrum on SuperZaxxon Final

    Been testing this a little bit and it works great. Only problem I've discovered so far it when trying to load a *.trd or *.scl it gives an error message like "trdos.rom not found" then exits the emulator. I guess it's just not finding that particular ROM.
  7. TitanUranus

    ZX Spectrum on SuperZaxxon Final

    What a guy.... I look forward to it ZXDunny.
  8. TitanUranus

    ZX Spectrum on SuperZaxxon Final

    Damnit notaz, I just got a new tablet and now I'm thinking "sod it, I'm playing my pandora". I'm very glad I bumped this thread though, stunning work as always (and thanks to ZXDunny for all he ZXDiddy too). Now someone can pack it up and the world can once again be in awe of the pandora (no...
  9. TitanUranus

    ZX Spectrum on SuperZaxxon Final

    This thread need to be resurrected from the dead, not unlike myself. Surely SOME competent Pandora developer/user can do us a port of FUSE that works on up to date firmware. I about went mental trying to setup HF6A on an SD card on the train yesterday (had no internet access, SD installer was...
  10. TitanUranus

    Release Mupen64Plus and Picklelauncher

    I can't download this from the above links.
  11. TitanUranus

    Release Qemu for Pandora (for rebirth competition)

    The CD drive gets wrongly detected as an IDE HDD in win98. I messed about with this a while back and found that if you go to device manager (right click my computer and go to settings I think or go through control panel) and update the (broken) second IDE driver (it has an exclamation mark)...
  12. TitanUranus

    Release VICE EX

    Thanks - just started using my pandora again after an enforced break, and was thinking of attempting to figure the aspect ratio thing out for myself. Great emulator - hopefully we'll see other commodore machines like the +4 and 128 get updated too. EDIT: I changed my fire button to "A"...
  13. TitanUranus

    Release icewm for pandora

    Thanks, will try it later.
  14. TitanUranus

    Billiards - Port Request

    I used to be a bit of a hustler in real life, though I could also kick some hairy a-hole on Virtual pool! Have you tried virtual pool 3 on the PSX emulator? EDIT: Just tidying my crappy typing up....
  15. TitanUranus

    Release Qemu for Pandora (for rebirth competition)

    Bummer the touch screen drivers dont work in dos. I thought freeDOS had some USB support. Anyway, I want to try running dos games under 98 with the touchscreen drivers at some point, just not able to find time right now. Thanks for trying them anyway. EDIT: What about bios settings for usb...
  16. TitanUranus

    Release Qemu for Pandora (for rebirth competition)

    Anyone got time to test these touch screen DOS/windows drivers? Let us know if you try them please (I can't test at the moment).
  17. TitanUranus

    Rebirth Competition Voting Thread [update: parody]

    From a personal point of view, QEmu is the most important peice of software on the pandora since PSXRearmed. I love it, and if I could only have one single thing from the rebirth competition it would be QEmu. However, as a fair and impartial judge I think I have to award first place to...
  18. TitanUranus

    Release Qemu for Pandora (for rebirth competition)

    Unless you haven't got a PC.... I'm so tired these days I'm having big problems. Earlier I just wrote a clone of my OS on the netbook to the wrong partition and wiped over 400 gigs of valuable data. Looks like I won't be continuing my efforts at creating the perfect 9x OS on the netbook till...
  19. TitanUranus

    Release SuperZaxxon - Beta 3 released

    Why the hell are we still calling this Zaxxon? We are surely ready to go with "Yars Revenge". Also, is EXT4 supported yet? I am curious about this, though I still think EXT2 is best for SD cards health, EXT4 may be faster. EDIT - My charger light isn't coming on on the newer kernel when...