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  1. TJFBryant

    Aluminium Case being made!

    placed my order moments ago. Very excited about this.  Just so you know.. I purchased a wifi stick for my pandora on amazon years ago for about 12 dollars. Its worth the investment.... and its a small accessory.
  2. TJFBryant

    A Wifi concern...

    I've had my original Pandora (Classic) for a while since the first shipments came out of Craigx's shop, and it all has been working well.  I mean I've lived with a dodgy LCD cable, sometimes working SD slot 2 and cracking case since day 1... BUT... honestly I've been very happy with the...
  3. TJFBryant

    True timeless games.

    I still believe although its a bit of a "newer game" Metal Gear Solid for the PSX was is classic and still entirely kick ass even during todays higher graphical standards... Also... Tron for the arcade was something I could STILL play for hours without putting down and most kids... who enjoy...
  4. TJFBryant

    Pandora motherboard upgrade cost?

    I'd like to know about this as well. I am one of the early adopter's of the Pandora and I am finding the LCD cable is going on it, and The nubs are becoming less responsive. I was thinking of sending the Pandora to ED and RE PURCHASE the NEW Pandora version. The Motherboard in in perfect...
  5. TJFBryant

    N20: Nitrous Oxide & PCSX-ReARMed

    The NTSC version works for me. It does have the tendency to hang up on the bug loading screen... but reboot and try again... it eventually works. I use the original boot loader... not the virtual boot loader.
  6. TJFBryant

    The Christmas Spirit is in me!

    The Christmas Spirit is in me!
  7. TJFBryant

    After a long day, there'll be another one (2011-12-21)

    Ed your awesome!! I have my Pandora, but sincerely wished I waited for your German Built Version. Your follow through and dedication to this community, specifically the Pandora is incredible. A Very Merry Christmas to you my friend! And thank you for keeping the dream alive in all of us.
  8. TJFBryant

    Happy Birthday to EvilDragon - One of the Pandora Kings!

    Happy Birthday Evildragon.... without you this Pandora I have wou;d never be possible. Thank You sir. You are a shining star among very few bright lights.
  9. TJFBryant

    Selling 2 Gp32 Consoles ...

    I have 2 original GamePark GP32's (one is a BLU unit the other is not) I would like to sell. I have the cable for one of them. Tons of commercial and other games to go along with them all on 128 MB Smart Cards (6-7 of them). After years of good use with the non Blu unit and barely any use with...
  10. TJFBryant

    Preparing for Germany (2011-08-26)

    Ed, as for a current proud and supportive Pandora owner like myself, I'd gladly buy a second Pandora to help push this new production and potential upgrade further. I've believed in this project since its inception and I know every purchased Pandora helps "the cause." Count me in.
  11. TJFBryant

    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    Liquid Wars 5 on Pandora Grim Fandango.. Residual on Pandora Paper wars... on Pandora.. AudioSurf and Echos on the Zune HD (yes I said Zune HD) and finally Metro 2033 on .... (Onlive Cloud gaming system)
  12. TJFBryant


    So not really looking ahead...but.... once ALL is said and DONE and all units have been shipped.... DO (WOuld you) continue the Pandora Journey? I mean... would you continue to try and mass produce a batch 3, 4, 5,/....etc. My Pandora... is with me at all times, at work, on the road, at home...
  13. TJFBryant

    Limitations Vs. Options and Customizations.

    I agree to a point here. This Pandora was created by the community or at least by members of this community who truly are passionate and care immensly about this device. I am ONLY an end user, but I've promoted the shit out of this device in NYC and beyond. I've done private and public demos of...
  14. TJFBryant

    Limitations Vs. Options and Customizations.

    I agree, if we can build a GUI with a simplistic approach and easy to understand interface, YET keep all the form and Functions of what we (the OPT team and supporting developers) built for the Pandora. THen THIS would be one of the MAJOR selling points of this device. EASE OF FORM FUNCTION...
  15. TJFBryant

    Limitations Vs. Options and Customizations.

    Say for a moment that every device currently available was created equal. Meaning, The Pandora, Ipad, Tablet MIDs, Chrome Book and other obscure devices all did pretty much the same thing. I walked over to the new IPAD 2 at a Best Buy and started messing around. It was sleekly finished. It was...
  16. TJFBryant

    Question about battery life

    With Full brightness, WiFi on and running... I do get consistent 10 hour battery life everything.
  17. TJFBryant

    What's your Pandora doing today? (Or: A Pandora photo thread.)

    Right now... its relaxing on the window sill charging after playing a bit of the Japanuse version of Transformers on the Nes this morning before haeding to work. Tonight, when I am ready for bed, it will accompany me to my bed side left while my wife lays to my right. an odd circumstance for...
  18. TJFBryant

    Osama bin laden is dead

    I am a New Yorker here. I saw the events of 9/11. I was there. I am glad Bin Laden is dead. But I have to agree in part here. I can't understand the celebrating in the streets. Its been a rough 10 years for all NYCer's down here.... but frankly I feel jaded about the whole celebratory event...
  19. TJFBryant

    Casing cracks and bumpy-cracks/bulges on the hinge

    I would suggest using an epoxy resin adhesive on crack. the JB weld stuff is used mainly for cold soldering and component adhesive and attachment. You don't need the JB weld stuff. On the other hand I wonder if the good old hobby plastic glue would work.... I have a feeling though the...
  20. TJFBryant

    Non-premium batch one pandoras

    EvilDragon, There are far more thankful and gratified customers with the way you handled this situation. If I had to do it all over again, and wait longer than I did for my Pandora, I would still purchase, sit and wait for the finalized Pandora. Even with the increased cost. If only...