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  1. Mofokubik

    I Always Laugh When I Think About How You Guys Got Scammed

    Still waiting for a pandora, case and tv cable here.. How many years was it? 2 months?   While i'm at it, i'm also waiting for a genMDM, and littlescale apparently fell off the face of the earth.   Shoud've just spent that money on something more tangible, like a calander, which I could send to...
  2. Mofokubik

    Midi Devices On Pandora/angstrom

    Thanks for clearing that up. The only hub i've tested it with was usb 1.0, so that explains my difficulties :D Thanks for the links, and info. It's exciting to know there's midi support in there already. I'm just now dabbling in various compilers, maybe soon I can try my hand at some simple...
  3. Mofokubik

    Midi Devices On Pandora/angstrom

    I've had my first pandy for a little while, then I lost the DC adaptor and ended up killing the battery by charging it via usb.. I then found my dc adaptor and the pandora still works without the battery. Well I have a 2nd pandora still on the way (ordered from batch 2) and I never could figure...
  4. Mofokubik

    This Is Just Sad.

    I'm a somewhat early preorderer. I had a one-nub unit that died on me recently (usb charged it to death) but it still works if plugged in. I put in an order for another pandora in the 2nd batch awhile back as well. The news lately doesn't seem to be too uplifting, but i'll still support Ed...
  5. Mofokubik

    Another One Video-Per-Day

    You're just upset because we have Pandoras and you're stuck with a measly Caanoo. It's ok, we forgive you.
  6. Mofokubik

    Building The Peca Tv-Out Cable

    Is anyone making any extra cables to sell off? I've been wanting one for a loong time..
  7. Mofokubik

    What Is This ... Uhm... Shit?

    I've had my pandora for quite awhile now, still with no major problems. It is a one-nub unit, and the left nub works ok as long as it's centered on boot. After a few months of playing around with it, I dropped it in the street. Since then, the hinge is loose and the screen will fall back on it's...
  8. Mofokubik

    You Want To Do More With Your Pandora Tutorial

    As someone who's been using microsoft operating systems for about 15 years, linux is difficult for me only in one aspect. There are too many versions, they're all different, the info is out there but there is too much of it. When I want to find something out, I really don't know what i'm looking...
  9. Mofokubik

    Thanks To All The People Who Made Software For The P

    amen to that brotha! i'm long overdue for donating to one or more of the devs, without their work, the panda wouldn't be what it is, or is going to be
  10. Mofokubik

    How Are You Feeling About The Pandora Today?

    I'm happy with my pandora except, I usually don't have much of a use for it since i'm always around a computer. This is one more reason I want a TV out cable, so I can use the pandora without having to hold it right next to my face to see the screen. Once plugged into a screen, I would then...
  11. Mofokubik

    Special Edition Painted Pandora

    I'm just curious whatever happened to the idea of getting a few pandoras specially painted by artists then sold as special editions. I know there was alot of uproar over this discussion by people who are waiting for their pandora. Is this an idea that's still on the table? a red baron version...
  12. Mofokubik

    How Do I Activate The Video Out?

    Upcoming TV Out cable! :lol: It's so close I can taste it please excuse my excitement
  13. Mofokubik

    How Do I Activate The Video Out?

    I sent an email to Ed a few days ago, also sent him a PM on the official forums. No answer yet. I'm sure he's too busy ATM to worry about it right now. ;)
  14. Mofokubik

    How Do I Activate The Video Out?

    Well I requoted the parts from the company I work for and now they're telling me that someone else has them on order, so they can't sell them to me anyway. What a kick in the nuts. MWeston, stop it, you're making me drool :o I sent an email to Ed inquiring about the connectors. I hope you...
  15. Mofokubik

    How Do I Activate The Video Out?

    Your memory serves you well. I'll see if I can order through my place of work. :)
  16. Mofokubik

    How Do I Activate The Video Out?

    Pleng, I just found another distributor that has 70 of them instock. I just sent out a quote for all 70, will update this post with any info I get.
  17. Mofokubik

    How Do I Activate The Video Out?

    Apparently not.. I just received this message in my email.. 1,000? LMAO! Yeah right... not gonna happen Edit- I just sent an email to tyco support to get an answer on this.
  18. Mofokubik

    How Do I Activate The Video Out?

    Well I just placed an order for 50 with an 8 week lead time. Now, just gotta wait... ...I wish I would have ordered 8 weeks ago :/
  19. Mofokubik

    Beta Xbmc Media Center

  20. Mofokubik

    Beta Xbmc Media Center

    Well it seems to crash when pushing x and a to activate menu items (yes I know that's mapped to page up and down, force of habit hehe) edit-can't post a log, at work atm