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  1. willrandship

    Private testing for Rebirth competition: Hedgewars

    That really sucks. is that the wifi bug they were supposed to fix 3 patches ago? In any case, HW should run decently on that.
  2. willrandship

    Private testing for Rebirth competition: Hedgewars

    So apparently that was an invalid PND >.< I'll try to fix that.
  3. willrandship

    Private testing for Rebirth competition: Hedgewars

    well, we'll see. Wifi shouldn't be too much of a limitation if you've got a good connection. After all, your internet is generally the bottleneck. Also, Hedgewars is nice in its connection methods: The person whose turn it is gets flawless playback, and it lags for the other people instead, so...
  4. willrandship

    Private testing for Rebirth competition: Hedgewars

    Great! I'm in process of uploading the PND to dropbox (it's fairly large, 130 MB) and I'll send you a link when it's done!
  5. willrandship

    Private testing for Rebirth competition: Hedgewars

    I need beta testers, because I got hedgewars hacked together in what I think should work, but I can't be sure since I don't have a pandora and I gave up on emulation. Respond in this forum and I'll PM/Email you the PND. Also, try to take at least one screenshot, for my sake :P Issues I...
  6. willrandship

    Pandora Rebirth Competition (2012-01-09)

    Sounds perfect. I might as well say it now, I'm planning on porting Hedgewars. Most, if not all of the libraries are present, lucky me. :D I'm going to need lots of closed testing, what with me having no pandora.
  7. willrandship

    Pandora Rebirth Competition (2012-01-09)

    That sounds fine. I just wanted to be aware before 2 minutes from the due time :P Trust me, that's not fun. About what size would the required images be? I'm trying to get a feel of where I should put them in (Mine will be a port of a fairly popular FOSS game, so I don't want to just put it...
  8. willrandship

    Pandora Rebirth Competition (2012-01-09)

    So, what would the method of submission be? An email to ED?
  9. willrandship

    Gamecube & Wii Possibilities?

    Hey, no need to be so negative :P It could probably get smooth playback w/o sound if coded right. not anywhere near full speed, but sans sound smooth is more important.
  10. willrandship

    Let's Make Our Own FPS!

    What I would love to see ported (when it's done) is OpenMW. Open source Morrowind engine rewrite, like openTTD or scummVM. The main guy says it will require less of your pc than the original even did!
  11. willrandship

    Fast Nintendo DS Emulator.

    Just how many viruses do you have on that thing? I've ran No$GBA on an old 800 mhz 256 MB PIII!!!! It ran everything but 3d games fullspeed and those about %70! An athlon at 2.2 Ghz should be running it blazingly fast! BTW if you're still worried about the screen, typs lik dis, there are many...
  12. willrandship

    Replace Cpu With Omap Successor?

    I don't think "probably" is the right word for PS2 :P . More like Could NEVER. However, PSP, last I heard, had an emu being developed for the pandora, but I think that's dead. That doesn't mean it's impossible though. Heck, there's a DS emu for PSP! Yeah, it's slow, but it exists.
  13. willrandship

    Pandora At Oscon Or Linuxcon?

    I think the Beagleboard stuff came from the fact that they have very similar specifications, generally. There's even that dev working on the psp emu that says he's using a beagleboard for testing, which is sure to confuse some people.
  14. willrandship

    Killer App

    @ZoxFox IMO, hedgewars is a much more similar worms remake than wormux. Don't get me wrong, wormux is nice, but hedgewars is the one that gives me the nostalgia feeling. Ever tried it? My killer app will be (eventually, long time coming) OpenMW. It will run on the pandora or I will eat my...
  15. willrandship

    Here It Is My Totally Biased And Flawed Review :)

    I love how Tux is on the sticker. I was expecting the nubs to be unpainted, but it appears in the photo that they got painted as well!. Interesting! I hope more people do reviews like this!
  16. willrandship


    Yeah, powder should be the easiest port ever. ARM-based, GP2X port, touchscreen input, keyboard input. Basically, it supports everything the pandora does, and should be pretty easy to compile.
  17. willrandship

    Beta Psx4Pandora Beta

    Hey, why not have L2 and R2 be set as keyboard keys? That way, you won't be pressing L1 then L2 all the time. just a thought. the Emu looks awesome!
  18. willrandship

    How Are You Going To Mod Your Pandora

    I'll probably vacuum form a clipon top where I'll mount a USB hub and a few other accessories, Flash Drive, Webcam, 3G maybe, and have another port or two sticking out the side.
  19. willrandship

    Web Browser Flash Support?

    youtube most likely, but later flash games probably won't work well. If you want some comparisons install Gnash and use it instead of Adobe's driver. It works well, it just doesn't have all of the flash 8, 9 and 10 support. Youtube, however, runs very well. Hehe, I was just thinking: Ipad OS...
  20. willrandship

    Android 2.1 On N900.

    Sigh.....I don't really see the point of flash except for videos....repos have all the games I need! Not saying there aren't other uses, I just don't use them/know of them.