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  1. cowai

    Release 3.2 kernel issue tracking thread

    Should rtl8192cu be working in the latest Super Zaxxon (1.54)?
  2. cowai

    Eduroam connection issues

    I use linux on laptop in school. Never had any issues with networkmanager and eduroam. But doing exactly the same thing on my pandora as on my computer doesn't work. It never connects. Weird.
  3. cowai

    Eduroam connection issues

    Yes, exactly. Thank you for bothering.
  4. cowai

    Eduroam connection issues

    Hi, I have problem connecting to eduroam at my university. I connect with NetworkManager exactly the same as I do on NetworkManager on my computer. But when I try to connect it begins connecting and then the connection window pops up again. I have read that I might need tun here...
  5. cowai


    Zaxxon yes! I don't have "Hotfix5" in the top-right when booting. I thought Zaxxon was the name of HF5. I will try HF5 right away! Thank you
  6. cowai


    I have the exact same thing. I stay connected to the network, but no connection. Pinging IPs doesn't work when this is happening. I have tried two different routers, Linksys wrt54gl w/dd-wrt with wpa encryption and a standard adsl wifi router at a friend. Oh, and I got my unit yesterday and...
  7. cowai

    New Ed Wideo

    Where is it and what alarm system are you using?
  8. cowai

    Ok So, How Many Pandoras Are Shipped To Customers?

    I was between 750-850 in craigs que. Does this mean I will get my pandora pretty soon? If I am not mistaken, 25% of the pandoras goes to ED?
  9. cowai

    Help With Arch Linux

    I love you ED!
  10. cowai

    Minimal Gaming Os Possible?

    We need a script we can run that just disables unnecessary daemons and bad stuff. I think :)
  11. cowai

    Pandora Killed The Wiz

    Stop kidding around. If it wasn't for the pandora then thousands would have bought the Wiz.
  12. cowai

    The Real Business Case For Openpandora

    Cool story bro'.
  13. cowai

    Pandora Quite Realistic Chance To Have About 400Mb Of Ram In Pandora

    I had compcache disabled on my HTC Hero but I disabled it and got better battery life and a noticeable smoother experience. I use modaco 3.2,
  14. cowai

    The Last Appstore Thread

    Sorry, but the "the Box" sounds just right. "TheAppBox" sucks imho.
  15. cowai

    Hardware Accelerated Psx-Emulation?

    Lost his code and had forgotten to backup?
  16. cowai

    What Should The Pandora App Store Be Named?

    PackStore (Package Store)
  17. cowai

    Performance Difference Between A F100 And F200?

    My gp2x F100 mk1 did 315mhz stable. My F100 mk2 does 255mhz :(
  18. cowai

    The Cases

    On december the 24th in 2005, christmas day, I got my GP2X. Best day of my life.
  19. cowai

    Appstore Look

    Screen resolution bookmarklets (drag it to your toolbar, edit it for pandora resolution)
  20. cowai

    Official Blog Post: Nearly There!

    Is there a way to find out my queue number?