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  1. gotwake424

    Confirm Order?

    Can I use vouchers to buy vouchers though? That's the real question
  2. gotwake424

    Confirm Order?

    You can get a basic idea of where you are in the queue if you know what date you preordered. Week 01 (01/05-07/05): 563 pre-orders (000-563) Week 02 (08/05-14/05): 82 pre-orders (563-645) Week 03 (15/05-21/05): 53 pre-orders (645-698) Week 04 (22/05-28/05): 28 pre-orders (698-726) Week 05...
  3. gotwake424

    Is there really a light at the end of the journey...?

    Thanks for the update and hard work ED and everyone else involved!
  4. gotwake424

    Pyra Prototype Videos - Askarus Edition

    Thanks for the video guys, always nice to see progress!
  5. gotwake424


    I'm really happy for you ED and the rest of the Team! It's been a long journey but we can finally see light at the end of the tunnel Congratz guys!
  6. gotwake424

    Important color changes

    Great work everyone involved! Merry Christmas/happy holidays all!
  7. gotwake424

    Shortest newspost ever... for now!

    Thanks for all the hard work ED!
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    Realistically ED, if we all decided to go with the 2GB what is the ETA on shipping? Could be a motivator for some
  9. gotwake424

    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    I would switch to 2GB also, and say drop the 4GB completely and focus on the CPU upgrade board with 4GB.
  10. gotwake424

    It's all white!

    See if you can get a sample from them ED
  11. gotwake424

    It's all white!

    Get some vacation ED! Thanks for the update
  12. gotwake424

    The magnificent seven

    Really coming along. Hopefully you take a vacation when this is all said and done!
  13. gotwake424

    That took a while...

    They all look great. Looks like i'm switching my white case vote to another color ;)
  14. gotwake424

    Update regarding the cases (and some other things)

    Thanks for the news ED. Keep up the awesome work! Thinking shipping will probably start this coming nov/dec if I had to guess
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    I wish you could feel things through the internet!

    Looking forward to the Videos :)
  16. gotwake424

    4GB and 1,5GHz? Confirmed.

    Same same, but different
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    Just preordered Pyra and Pandora questions

    There should be a small mic there. You can see where the legs are broken off at the solder blob
  18. gotwake424

    Travelling to Vienna

    Although the preorder price is the same, the end price differs by I believe 30$ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. gotwake424

    Many little steps

    Cutting the logo down the line you have and placing a light barrier (like thin black paper) then gluing back together would work better i'd think. The logo is side lit not lit from underneath, correct me if im wrong.
  20. gotwake424

    Estimated time of arrival?

    Honestly not really, couple of factors 1) Currently we have enough pre orders to do 1,000 units. Only if we break it up into 2 batches of 500. With 2-4 weeks inbetween batches. This can change depending on pre-orders 2) We still need to order parts which can have lead times and have the PCB's...