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    I Fixed It Again!!! And This Time For Good!!

    Also is it possible for you to take a few more close up photo's of the bottom left of the board, and also the area located near the battery compartment? Thanks
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    I Fixed It Again!!! And This Time For Good!!

    Those readings look to be around normal. How about the Inductor located at L1, what is the reading on that? Also, have you tried to start the device with a fresh set of batteries?
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    I Fixed It Again!!! And This Time For Good!!

    Hi Aiken, Are you saying that after replacing the diode, the GP32 doesn't start, but the power light comes on? If this is the case, does the backlight come on aswell, and does anything appear on the screen? You have definately installed the diode properly, otherwise the power light wouldn't...
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    Gp32 White Screen

    If it turns out to be a capacitor problem, you could easily fix it if you have electronics knowledge. It's really just a case of measuring each capacitor with a multimeter to find the faulty one, and then just soldering in a replacement. I managed to completely repair my dead GP32 BLU+ that i...
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    Gp32 White Screen

    My best guess is that it's actually a faulty capacitor in the unit or just bad batteries. My dead unit did this after i repaired it, and then realised that one of the capacitors was dead aswell. However, mine would come on and the screen would gradually fade away after around 5 minutes and then...
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    Mystery Of The Fday Reveiled

    The release will be nice and all i want some decent SNES emulation......
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    Gp32x Tshirt Shop

    When doing t-shirt designs, or any logo design for that matter, you're better off with vector images as they can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. Once you start playing with rasterised images you start getting loss of quality.
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    Fade To Black was an utterly horrible sequel to Flashback. It came out at that 90's stage where 3D just HAD to be used on anything and everything, and because of it gameplay fell by the wayside. Shit controls, horrible level design, frustrating puzzles (due to shit controls and horrible level...
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    Drmd Games List

    Bubsy and Lemmings work fine for me. You might want to "aquire" the roms from an alternate source. You may just have a bad rom.
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    !!11111111!11111 *one* *one*
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    God no. It's a completely unfair sale.
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    I get the feeling Micro Machines 2 is also affected by the cyclone bug. The cars can barely turn a corner, and as soon as your car does hit a diagonal direction, she just squeals and does burnouts all the way to the end.
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    Flu Won't Load Certain Apps.

    Format the entire card (using the format option within the GP32 software of course), install the newest version of GPCinema, and try again.
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    Where To Buy A Adapter For Endless Gaming

    i found the easiest solution was to buy myself a USB battery charger and some rechargable batteries. Just plug the charger into one of my PC's USB ports and it charges 4 batteries in a few hours. I have 1 set which is in my GP32, and 2 other sets in the charger, that way i never run out of...
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    Blu+ Question

    C64 works fine (latest version of Frodo), Atari 800 i have no idea.
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    Oooo.. F Day News!

    The hint could actually be a real hint. Mario Kart was the hint. But not necessarily the GBA version........ It could actually be hinting at Mario Kart on another system. N64 is way too advanced for the GP32, but SNES............... SNES is possible and it has Mario Kart on it........... But...
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    C64 Loading Problem

    Hi CoaXing, The way i run multi-disk games is as follows: Hit Start and select "attach d64/t64/dir..." Select the first disk, press the A button and then choose "load first program" from the menu. The game will load as usual, but when it asks for the second disk do exactly the same as above...
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    Annoying "click" sound when using my GP32

    I like to think the clicking makes me subconciously aware of every precise movement i make whilst playing various emulated games. Therefore slowly turning me into the ultimate videogame master, where one day i will journy to a gigantic Nintendo tournament, and compete against my rivals (one who...
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    The Way We're Treating Newcomers

    I agree actually. If we want this community to survive, it's about time we were a little nicer to the newcomers.
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    Different Firmwares

    I use Slubman's firmware aswell. It is by far the best firmware available, reason being that it incorperates everything that you need, without having to boot into multiple firmwares to access it. You have a file explorer, a launcher, a linker, a formatter all in the same package. If Slubman...