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    Selling My Gp32 Flu + 128mb Smc Card

    so, im selling my Gp32 FLU + 128mb SMC Card (with GpCinema on it). :) make some Offers.(min. 150 Euro) :ph34r: P.S: im living in Austria :)
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    Gp Advance Files Question

    where can i find the newer version of GpAdvance? :blink:
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    Gp Advance Files Question

    i copied a ROM to my gp and GpAdvance says: ERROR: FILESIZE >4mb. do GBA ROMS have to be less than 4mb? waht games have such a low size?
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    Gp Advance Files Question

    ive downloaded the GpAdvance 1.3 Emulator...and ive got a bunch of files. where to put these files in? all in gpmm? :unsure: and where do the .gba roms go?
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    Twilight Warrior Problems

    oh, shit i forgot.......i didnt copy the doom2.wad to my smc :rolleyes: now its working...thank you anyway! :)
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    Twilight Warrior Problems

    everytime i want to start twilight warrior, the game freezes at the Difficulty Level screen :( i tried to format my smc, blablabla....... but it still doesnt work! <_< P.S: i tried it with doom V9 and V10 ;)
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    Newbie! Help Please....

    you can download the free launcher via!! you just need the gp32 registration number or something like that!
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    Gp32 Flu For Sale (uk)

    im not interrested, but i just wanted to say that nobody will buy a used gp32 that costs 140!! i think that the price is too high.
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    Monkey Island

    does anyone know, where i can get Monkey Island 1 or 2???
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    amd athlon 1.1 ghz, 45 mins for a 1.5 hours movie!!
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    Audio problems

    when i want to save my AVI (on Virtual Dub) there comes an error "Error initializing audio stream compression:The requested conversion is not possible." need help!
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    i´m in the menu, what now?

    hy, when i´m in the Gp Cinema menu i choose a movie and i pres the A button, but nothing happens!!!! what shal i do??
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    FXE files

    i copyied them to GPMM, but then i cant find them on my gp32!
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    FXE files

    how do i get FXE files on my gp32??
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    how many movies?

    i havent got a gp32 yet, but how many movies can i "save" on a 128mb smc-card?