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    Dvd To Avi Guide.

    I agree. Anywho, i used that virtuaDub mod to convert the movie and the audio worked. problem now is that i have 3 .vob files all at different points in the movie. and i can't find any way to link them all together to have the full movie. anyone know how?
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    Dvd To Avi Guide.

    i'm wondering where the audio file is. i rip the DVD with DVD shrink and save the DVD2AVI project file. Then create the dummy file using the apafi codec programme. The when i come to convert it with virtual dub i cant find the .wav audio file. Am i missing something?
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    Dvd To Avi Guide.

    Everything works o.k but i cant find the .wav file after ripping the DVD so i have no sound :(.
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    Dvd To Avi Guide.

    Yea, i started doing it with those programmes but when i got to the virtualdub part it told me i needed a vpafi codec? it never asked me this before. anyone know why?
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    Dvd To Avi Guide.

    Anyone remember the link to that DVD to gp32_console guide? i seem to have forgot it.
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    Dvd To Gp32 Audio Help!

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    Price Of Gp32 On Ebay - Why So High??

    I just sold my Non-lit unit for £80 sumthin.
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    What Happened To The Gba Emu?

    FIGHT THE POWER!!!!1!11!!!!!shift+1!!
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    Is This A Good Deal?

    Yes i made £260 when everyone here thought it wasnt a good deal at £180, yes i see how i got totally owned.
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    A Pack For Smashgp

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    Samsung "arm No Mmu"

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    Gpfm Avi Player

    So whats it like? :blink:
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    Interested.. Gba Vs Gp32

    GP32 SNES emulation is better (and cheaper) than GBA SNES emulation. SNES on GBA doesnt run many games and doesnt run them well, with bugs. GP32 is infinetly better than GBA for emulation. As for homebrew games, i dont know.
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    Gpfm Avi Player

    no reply?
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    Gpfm Avi Player

    How well does this programme play AVI's? How does it compare to GPCinema? Thanks.
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    Encoding On 156mhz Gp32

    Is there anywhere i can download the processing settings?
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    Encoding On 156mhz Gp32

    I tried with Xvid and its full of problems when converting, DivX is much easier to convert with. Thanks for replies. :)
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    Encoding On 156mhz Gp32

    How much better is the frame rate and video quality when running GPCinema at 156MHZ instead of 133MHZ? Because all the guides are running there GP32's at 133MHZ and i feel it can do better at 156MHZ. Also, can anyone tell me the best settings for running at 156MHZ please? thanks.
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    Games Not Detected.

    no need for freelauncher. :P
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    Info On Cpu Mod And Ram Upgrade?

    Using the RAM and voltmod to increase the gp32_console's capabilities to say 200MHZ with 32Mb/ 64 Mb RAM, would it be more possible for PSX and N64 emulation?