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    Flashing Euro Firmware

    More secure, less secure... hm. I got the Euro FW from gpspain (firmware.fxe). This fxe includes the flashing utility and the Euro Firmware, is that right? If the official solution is less secure, how can i extract the Euro FW from the fxe to flash it with Darkfaders fw.fxe?
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    Flashing Euro Firmware

    Hi, I can use Darkfader's fw.fxe Firmware Flashing Utility to flash my GP32 FLU from korean 1.5.7 firmware to the Euro Firmware, right? I just ask because i found a utility named "eufw.fxe" which seems to exist for that purpose. I'd prefer fw.fxe though - i just want to be sure that this works...
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    Registering On ?!

    Thanks for the info, i'll fetch the Euro Bios from here then. Isn't it kind of stupid though that you need a korean social ID number to register? What if i needed the Free Launcher again? I know there is the IRC way of getting it, but doesn't Gamepark care about outside-korean customers any...
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    Registering On ?!

    Hi, i would like to register on to be able to download the euro firmware. To join i need to fill in some information into the required fields but I can't read the korean language symbols, so i don't know what's asked for :blink: . The ID isn't the problem but the next two...
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    Fav c64 games

    Street Sports Basketball (though it has a sound bug, so I play with sound turned off) Bop n' Rumble Ghosts n' Goblins Great Giana Sisters Katakis
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    amiga 500 emulator in progress?

    The picture is so damn obviously a fake. No chance that you could take such a lightful photo of the screen with a non-FLU GP32.
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    ps2 vs xbox vs gamecube wich is better?

    Definitely Gamecube!
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    This link contains a JavaScript virus (JS/Spawn). Nice try, dumbass. <_<
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    Trouble getting GP32 to work

    You did insert the SMC the right way (i.e. chipside towards GP32), did you? The correct position is shown on the backside of the GP32. I once read someone post a problem quite similar to yours. It turned out that he inserted the SMC the wrong way - which resulted in the same error messages you...
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    Roms at ebay?

    I saw that auction too. At least it's against eBay's guidelines for selling stuff. And besides I dislike people trying to make money with this kind of stuff. Should be reported to eBay (if it's not already...).
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    king's quest

    BTW... Is "Beneath a steel Sky" already supported in the latest version of GPScumm (that's Version 3c i guess?)?
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    yoyofr's Secret project

    Yes i have. I use WinUAE on my Pentium II 400Mhz and 16MB ATI Graphics Card (Rage128 Chip). And it works great with just about every ROM i tried so far. Plus it's highly configurable.
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    Katakis on Frodo beta8

    Hey, thanks. Looking for "Denaris" is a good idea, i'll try that. I'd be happy though if you told me where you got the different (working) "Katakis"-File from.
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    Katakis on Frodo beta8

    I really would like to play "Katakis" on my GP32 with Frodo beta8 on it, but the ROM doesn't work. Almost any other game i tried works fine. Could it be a bad ROM or something like that? Has anyone made the same or other experiences with "Katakis"?
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    yoyofr's Secret project

    I did never need/have a mouse for my amiga when i had one. Playing games with a joystick was just fine. :D