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    2 New Blog Posts: 98% Success Rate! + Lightpipes

    I think "I WANT I WANT I WANT". Unless you mean, the screen also. I could maybe live with a monochromatic screen, but a zerochromatic one wouldn't be so convenient.
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    When Is The Real Release Date...

    On the upper side, we now have a pretty solid knowledge of which day our boreness will end.
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    When Is The Real Release Date...

    I ain't discussing how this function work, but rather what I would have said in the purely hypothetical case I actually typed what you quoted. Which, of course, I haven't as it would have meant I hadn't read the thread thoroughly and redone the joke that had been posted twice already. And we all...
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    When Is The Real Release Date...

    Uh ? Where the hell did you quote that from ? This post's not from me. Btw, if the post were from me (which it isn't as I have no clue about python and am running windows anyway), I would had rounded the result correctly. The result has been incremented as there is no such thing as a 0th of...
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    When Is The Real Release Date...

    Hello, No matter when, it'll always be too long for me. I just can't wait. As you can see on my profile, I've been waiting for it since 2006. Before even Craigix knew about the Pandora !
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    15% Off At (details)

    I'm not sure it's a good idea to buy SD's in the intent to use them on Pandora 2 months before release. SD's prices keeps going down, by the time you have the pandora in your hands there surely will be another shop offering a better deal.
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    Ubuntu Mid Edition

    Uh, that's the last thing I want on my Pandora: I want as much as memory and CPU power available for my apps, thank you. Sure it would fit, but if it uses 64 megs (which is exactly what my debian is using right now, if I remove the ram used by my open apps), I'm not sure it's worth it, that's...
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    Early Adopters Beware!

    I've always been a enthousiastic early adopter and the only time I did regret it is with the GBA. The SP with it's lighted screen is so much better, and the NDS isn't that good at playing GBA games (windowed, poor control...) Other than that, I bought the first GP32 and had always been happy (I...
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    Usability As A Pda ? As A Laptop ?

    I assume that people geeky enough to lurk around here would know the difference and understand the typo. Btw, in french we say "octet" for "byte", which makes way more sense. No way you can mistake the words, and "octet" is pretty much self-explanatory. Wonder why the choice of those two words...
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    Usability As A Pda ? As A Laptop ?

    Uh, why would I ever need that much ? I had 12 gbits on my EEE (more like 10 actually with all that space wasted by UnionFS) and it was more than enough already ! I never reached the limit and I had tons of roms on it. I really plan to get 2x16 instead of 2x8 'cause those are cheap enough...
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    Usability As A Pda ? As A Laptop ?

    Using open format is a nice idea in theory, and as a matter of fact I do use OpenDoc when I can, but in a business context it's quite had to apply. What you expect would be idle autonomy ? What part are deactivated ? Is the screen 100% not fed ? CPU as well ? GPU ? I expect ram would still...
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    15th Preorder Confirmed?

    I didn't know that ! I sign up right away ! Thanks for the info.
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    Usability As A Pda ? As A Laptop ?

    Hello ! I was primarily planning to use the Pandora as my universal portable gaming device (being an 8-bits gamer, this kind of handled with a keyboard is everything I would even need gaming-related. (and if it can emulate an OCS Amiga as well, god...) But I was thinking. Could the Pandora be...
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    15th Preorder Confirmed?

    While I understand the magic feels of having the dreamt unit popping out unexpectedly is nice, I'll be a bit "closer to the ground" with that. Thing is, I don't browse those forums every day. Not even every week. What if by the time I notice the Pandora is released the first batch is all sold...
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    Non-gaming Apps

    There is a ton of messages regarding how this or that apps would be available but not practical due to resolution/CPU power issue. Well, I have a EEE, which have a lot more central memory, true, but same rez and close to same CPU power. It's running a full blown KDE without any significant CPU...
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    Excited About Linux (aka "Pandora Native" ?) Games

    Armagettron would be amazing ! America's army probably won't be feasible though, I don't think it's open source (it's not even free software as far as I know). I didn't even know they were a linux client.
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    Dsp Video

    Err, SECAM is the standard around here. I have quite a few SECAM consoles, even though the more recent one are PAL only (thus displaying in black & white on my older TV). Thanksfully, HDTV standards are getting us rid of those formats, everything is 60hz now. The only issue left is that...
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    Half Life (original)

    The official arcade things obviously. Don't expect anyone but valve to have the sourcecode.
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    Half Life (original)

    If we are refering to the same thing, it was only recompiled via winelibs. Which only works on x86 hw (so definitly not on Pandora)
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    Gp2x F-200 For Sale

    It's a french website...