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    Sega Saturn Ports

    This is a good idea. I've started work on porting Sega Rally but I must say it won't be too quick. Don't expect to see any results until at least next week. Once I am done with Sega Rally, I'll probably port Christmas Nights.
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    It Won't Compile?

    Of course some assignments in conditionals are reasonable. if (f = fopen("gayporn.jpg", "rb")) etc..
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    Questions About The Gp2x

    There is a tv out cable which connects to the bottom of the gp2x.
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    Whats Coming For The Gp2x?

    Yes I have had free time recently so I've started working on it again. Unfortunately here's what it currently looks like when I get it to run: It's seen better days.
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    Whats Coming For The Gp2x?

    For the last few weeks I have been thinking like you. That's why I've decided to write the naughts n crosses (you may know it as tic tac toe) game I have been imagining for ages. It'll really rock.
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    Got F-200 Today, But Some Emulators Not Work

    I'm guessing you can copy some sort of bash script on to the sd card and run it from there. Maybe someone would be nice enough to lead the way?
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    GP2X Checking Whether A Sprite Is On-screen Before Drawing It

    SDL will automatically clip to only the renderable area. You are not likely to save much by making your own check if you are also using SDL.
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    Fixed Point Problems...

    Post code plz.
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    Speed Optimization

    Quoted for truth. This is probably the biggest reason for your slowness.
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    GP2X Sdl_gfx Performance Testing

    This sounds plausible. For the second graph, each 'jump' is where it drawing the lines takes long enough that it has to wait for the next vsync. Looking at the second graph that would put the screen refresh rate at around ~100hz. That seems a little high?
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    Doukutsu Monogatari ~ Cave Story

    There's 3 endings btw.
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    GP2X Ram-hack (tweak) Topic

    I've don't really an idea what this is doing, but I have tried to simplify it :( CODE #ifdef GP2X #include "sys/mman.h" #include "fcntl.h" volatile unsigned short *MEM_REG; unsigned long gp2x_dev=0; void RamHack(void) { gp2x_dev = open("/dev/mem", O_RDWR); MEM_REG=(unsigned short *)mmap(0...
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    Craigix Discloses Information On New Gp2x?

    Oh, I was kind of looking forward to this but I am dissapointed to hear it is widescreen and has a keyboard. I was hoping it would be more aimed towards gaming rather than being a PDA but it seems to be a bit more like the latter.
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    Craigix Discloses Information On New Gp2x?

    I hope it has a 320x240 resolution because I like that. The resolution is very standard size and it fits well on a handheld sized screen.
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    Just A Question From A Noob..

    Don't rule it out, there's already a working Wii emulator for the gp2x.
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    Gp2x With D-pad?

    The Genesis, the Saturn and the Xboxeshave a circular d-pad and the Playstation(s) have a broken up d-pad. They don't count. The only odd one out that comes to mind is the Dreamcast which really does have a standard d-pad.