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    Release Diablo 2

    To me, this is a dream come true, the best thing that happens to pandora for a long time. It runs perfectly controls as nice as it would be, and on top of that,it all sounds and looks as well as i remembered the game to be.  Nice work, notaz.  There's one problem that I'm not sure if...
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    My pandora handle

    But, that's not how the devs have originally intended it to be! The feeling when pandora's sharp corners dig into your hand painfully like a lego brick bites into your bare feet is a feature.  Hardcore gamers play Crash bandicoot like that while shovelling their heads in buckets of crabs. ...
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    Ebola Outbreak in exponential growth

    It's really worse than that. Real life is unlike video games; let's say, in starcraft, you are down to your last drone you can still build up everything in no time.  In real life, once the public confidence is lost and fear starts to shake the very foundation of the nation, people will refuse...
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    It's the end of the nubs as we know them

    3ds' nubs have too much travel for my taste. Besides, I prefer nubs that can click.  Though it's not that big of a deal, since I will buy pyra regardless. 
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    Monster hunter PSP emu playable?

    I've checked it for ye, Mr Guest_Adventurer. The monster hunter games are not very playable at the moment.  FPS is around 10 to 15 with the lowest setting at 1.2ghz.  It's what you would expect anyway. There are many more things you can do with your pandora; have a good day.
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    What will you use your Pyra for?

    How much use it will get for me personally depends on if the wifi is any better, if it's capable of running flash and html5 stuff, and if its keyboard feels comfortable.  In ideal situations, I will use it for everything except performance heavy stuffs and tasks it don't have the software to...
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    C4A Competition, Starting from September!

    It's a bird, :blink:   it's flapping, :blink:   oh no, it's Flappy Bird.  :lol: Believe it or not; I have not tried it yet. I need to give it a shot.  
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    Populated Mainboards

    As TrashyMG suggests, that's unusual indeed. All 3 of my pandoras don't have any battery issue. Even with really old batteries.  I guess it's either a calibration problem, or the battery zev's using is almost dead.  Here's an old thread posted by a user who has a similar problem; you should...
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    First version of Reicast on the Pyra devboard

    I suppose I can use my high impendance headphones, though driving them properly would require an additional high power amplifier which is kinda big and heavy. Defeats the purpose somewhat.  The method you suggest works, that background noise is not noticeable when the music is playing if I...
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    First version of Reicast on the Pyra devboard

    That's outstanding. I've never thought pyra can even run dreamcast at such a early stage. It's such a pleasant surprise. Thank you, ED, Notaz and PtitSeb, people like you are making pandora what it is and what pyra would be.  With this sort of power behind it, I need TB level sd cards for all...
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    I think EvilDragon is going to need some vacation time

    A bit late, but my best wishes. 
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    Game reviews in 5 words

    Demon's souls Head banging at its finest. 
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    My Thoughts on the Pyra

    I think ED's absolutely right, android only need 2gb of ram is because android is inefficient. Apple's products never need that much ram even they come with the so called retina display. Yes, all the so called next gen socs have 8 cores, but no people are going to use that in many years. Even...
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    Ubisoft F**kery

    I guess there may be possible explanations behind this besides they are just evil greedy exploited fiends with red eyes who sit behind round table in a dark room whose wall are covered with bank notes.  1. Sony and Microsoft want their games felt next gen and special, they don't want consumers...
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    SteamBoy : Play STeam games on the go

    Where's my originboy and uplayboy, :P ? I will have to see if it is plagued by the "always on" syndrome and "2 minutes to open a store page"complex. 
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    E3 announcement hopes?

    I want to see Mircrosoft, EA, Ubisoft giving a public apologize to all the people they have be screwing over and over. Aside from that, I'm totally interested in seeing what the Project beast is all about.
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    SoC: Back and forth!

    I think the best method is the safest on this issue.  We can have more features than Pandora, but having too many things going on at the same time is spreading it too thin.  There's no point in giving Pyra the most powerful soc possible if that does not increase the sale. Yes, it can make pyra...
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    The day the Pandora goes even more open

    That's one awesome deal, thank you so much for caring. 
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    PSP Emulation

    That's such an informative article you got there, Eki. Thanks
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    PSP Emulation

    I think unless something is seriously screwed up with the pyra, it should have at least 4 times the power than Pandora. So, if Pandora can get close to fullspeed with frameskip 3, then Pyra can fullspeed that without a problem.