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    Gba Ezflash 2 Powerstar X2

    Long time no see I've got a couple of GBA "EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar" both are 128mbit and it includes the USB connector I will ship anywhere, but the UK is gonna be cheapest I'm thinking £40+p&p for the lot, but if thats too high just post a different offer also I have a GBA SP tribal going if...
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    Nintendo Revolution Specs Have Been Released

    I think the whole processign power balls comes down to high def now as I dont have a hig def TV the the only difference worth mentioning between the 360 and the Xbox is when a game like Ghost Recon can process multiple viewpoint and stuff in realtime and, although im sure it will show a vast...
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    Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast

    i got this game last week for the PS and it is frigging amazing it doesnt look quite as good as Outrun 2 on the Xbox or Arcade (but what does) but for the PS2 there is abosolutely no pop up not to be one to herald a game on its looks alone this game plays like a dream so far I have never had...
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    Gamestm '100 Greatest Games'

    it was split into 2 parts, I got the top 100-51 starting from 100 down to 51 Chuckie Egg Bombjack Vib Ribbon Last Ninja 2 Perfect Dark Pac Man Stunt Car Racer Resident Evil Wave Race 64 Fir Pro Wrestling D Pirates! Vandal Hearts Crazy Taxi Defender Atic Atac Guardian Heroes Skool Daze...
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    Battle Royale Raiders of the lost ark Monthy Python holy grail & life of brian Infernal Affairs Smokey and the bandit Death Race 2000 Dr Strangelove and oddly enough my girlfriend got me to watch Singin in the rain, and I really enjoyed it.
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    Haha Damn Margaret Perrin

    why are typical chrisitians always fat, despite believing in "helping others" they eat all the fucking pies and sit on their arse i feel so sorry for the kids of that racist bitch its ironic that people get fired from jobs for making jokey racial slurs without meaning any of it and in no way...
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    >6 Minute Load Time On Psp

    WHHA I tried playing GTA on my friends PSP and nearly threw the thing at a wall because it takes so long to even start playing the game unless its in sleep
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    Making Copies Of Vhs Or Vhs To Dvd

    im assuming one of you VHS players is a recorder to make a copy just scart the combi unit into the VHS player and you should be able to record from it as a source like youre recording a tv programme
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    Which Would You Guys Like More.

    I know someone with that 30" monitor, and to be honest its not worth it its a strain to be moving you eyes and head just to see the corners of the screen, and it is very hard to see the screen in its entirity without being several feet away. I'd say go for the 24" they will be crisper and you...
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    How Many 'failed Consoles' Did You Go Along With?

    about half of those are bought by my nan being suckered in from the man with the nice teeth on QVC (well, he is lovely)
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    Which Version Of Tetris Do You Like The Most?

    I just checked on GameStats (to prove a point) and the average press score for the game was 9.2 IGN even gave it 10 I've gotta say its great fun, and there are so many modes, don't worry bout the disney image, this is made by capcom and its as hardcore as they come (except for grandmaster...
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    Which Version Of Tetris Do You Like The Most?

    Disney's Magical Tetris Challenge - it rocks, thats all you need to know
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    What Would You Like A Game To Include

    ALL THE STORY TO HAPPEN IN GAME i hate cut scenes i'm sorry, but if I sit down to play a game I don't want to watch a movie some may argue that skippable cut scenes are the norm, but then i miss the story games like Zelda and parts of Halo 2 sprigng to mind
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    I'm New

    i signed up before even your mum was born
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    Xbox 360 Who Likes It ?

    i dont like the 360 because i have been mostly playing it on a standard def tv at the moment the only realy reason the games look better is the increased resolution apparantly gun for XBox being played on the 360 is almost identical to the 360 version im not gonna be massively interested...
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    Colleges Or Sixth Form Center's In The Uk

    and heres me getting stuck on remedial physics exams after somehow getting into "a high rating university" and dropping out after 10 weeks
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    Sonic Rush

    that place at disney used to rock it was like a free arcade
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    Word Disassociation

    but surely it would reset evryone else's scores
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    Word Disassociation

    This game is fundamentally flawed if I am to understand the rules then if I spot a conncted set of words the game is completely restarted from that point so, I put this to you posts #6 & #7 word: Peterborough Following word: Beer connection: there is an annual beer festival in peterborough