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    Psu Leaks Little Bit Of Ac To Gnd Pin, Normal?

    @Mweston ... it's a power supply, afaik optical isolation would be no use since you could only transfere miniscule amounts of power, it will be a switch mode device with isolation or just a isolating transformer and rectifier @silver .... yeah!, it's a non issue, a case of a little knowledge...
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    Release Pandora-Opentyrian : Opentyrian Ported To Pandora V1.0

    maybe someone should concentrate on updating SDL, that would benefit EVERY port that uses SDL, or is everyone waiting for the 3D accelerated library?, it just needs a few tweaks to get sync working properly afaik, you can retro-fit the 3D acceleration later (and surely you need to fix the sync...
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    Pandora Press Reviews

    aaand, I think it was Craigs :P , at one point he said he was without a Pandora since it had been sent out somewhere, so I assume so, if you want to get upset about something, why not grumble about the 80% of dev machines that the so called "devs" never used to do anything with, that realy...
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    yeah! the board assemblers where recommended by TI, it isn't TI themselves afaik
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    The I'm An Idiot And Broke My Pandora Thread

    :blink: rushes off to edit original post :D
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    The I'm An Idiot And Broke My Pandora Thread

    don't you think people with eight thumbs and lobster claws on each hand and a tendency to violent epilepsy SHOULD NOT be dismantling electronic devices in the first place? I'm looking at both of you..... Socket and Dgame .... why don't you just send it back to somewhere where the staff have...
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    [SOLVED] Taskbar Has Disappeared

    any help? missing task bar edit: until I get my Pandora I'm just assuming most problems are from people who don't use Linux normaly, will be nice when I can check if my suggestions make any sense :)
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    Get Those Space Boots On And Help Me!

    some not so obvious ones I like (all the others listed are good, got most of em) Moonraker - yes it's Bond, but it's in space, and it's the ONLY film I have ever seen where space troopers storm a space station, which makes it all the more enjoyable imo Quatermass and the pit - (hammer...
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    Omg I've Lost My Pandora!

    so? that boot screen altered yet?....hmmm!, phone number watermaked onto your wallpaper? hmm? security is like backups and safe sex, everyone knows they should, but not just now..later...maybe any system is owned if people get physical access to it, best you can do is encrypt your...
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    Opt: How Would Investments Help You?

    fair enough, but NO assimilating Microsoft ;) , just everybody else, deprived of their natural prey MS will soon die out B)
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    Will Production Ever Step Up A Gear?

    oh boy!, would he be told?, I would rather disarm a unstable nuke with a sledgehammer in the dark than incur the wrath of a "significant other" :D
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    Pandora Gaming League

    WHAT! wash out your mouth with soap RIGHT NOW! :angry: how DARE you say Spectrum and C64 games had no gameplay?, you can only be speaking from such a position of total, infinite and unbounded ignorance, that you are obviously NOT qualified to speak on such matters :P Spectrum and C64 had some...
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    Need Parts Soon

    weird!, they removed the serial number sticker? :unsure: seems a bit odd, why would they try to hide the units serial number?, stolen?, loaned dev unit?, demo unit?, seems realy odd to me :huh: , theres only a few hundred in the world, the number should be something you would want to retain (imo)
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    Forcing Shutdown At 10% Battery Life

    yeah! my bad, it can't catch fire if just over-discharged (I was thinking of running a pack right out under heavy load), BUT it would ruin the cell if Volts went too low, so it has hardware protection, that's the main point, and if an over-discharged and now damaged cell started to take a charge...
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    What Determines Whether Something Gets Added To Pandora Apps?

    why not just stick the calculators in both folders?, it's not like servers lack storage capacity :rolleyes: (Hobbyman...utilising gash brute force computing solutions since 1974 :lol: )
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    Wizzley Presto And The Mysterious Time Machine

    you ..... have ....... a ......... MAC? :angry: RIGHT!, what's your order mind :huh: . if you are so hard up I can send you a decent(ish) laptop with Ubuntu installed, you really need a proper computer if you are going to run a technology based company, I mean, what...
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    Forcing Shutdown At 10% Battery Life

    yeah, I wasn't too clear there, to clarify... even if you let it run totally flat, then leave it stood for a week, or a month, in the unit, the circuit inside the battery wrapping will just disconnect the Pandora from any available power in the cell until it gets recharged, a LiPo cell CAN'T be...
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    I Want One

    yeah! volcanoes, earthquakes, ghost's, fire's, global economic collapse, postal strikes, banks with an allergy to money, weird plastics companies that will not talk to OP (just Fatih), fab plants redesigning the main board without permission and screwing the Wifi, design faults in the nubs...
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    Forcing Shutdown At 10% Battery Life

    1% sounds safe enough, that's 6 minutes if running in 10 hour mode, 3 if you where doing something seriously power hungry that reduced the runtime to 5 hours, so in the worst possible case it will shut down with 1.5 minutes to spare (assuming the check just misses the change to 1% on it's last...
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    it may well be a driver or config issue, I had a simular thing happen a year or so back under Linux, but with file transfers to USB devices, they would start off really fast and then start to slow down enormously, the larger the total transfer (didn't matter if it was many small files or a few...