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    Favorite Game

    I've been loving Real Racing 2 and Dead Trigger 1&2 recently because of their graphics and re-playability. Expendable Rearmed is pretty good top down arcade shooter. And can't go wrong with Riptide 1&2.   Pretty sure most if not all of these are free also.
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    I own an Ouya and i've found the emulation to be good enough to hold its own, The main selling point for me was being able to play old games on tv with a dpad. Every SEGA and SNES game i've played has worked flawlessly, as have GBA games. but a PSP or GP2X can pretty much do that anyway. For...
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    Preordering: Money Back If We Want To Cancel The Preorder?

    I really really want one as soon as they come out but I simply don't have enough faith to pre-order without knowing a solid release ! Plus the fact I havent even seen a 100% complete console yet. I refuse to preorder when they havent even got a console to show us themselves. Hopefully I will be...
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    Preordering: Money Back If We Want To Cancel The Preorder?

    If it gets past December I will cancel ! If it takes that long i'll just wait for the second batch.
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    Your plenty old enough to get a debit card because im also 17 and I have one ! I too would prefer to oder by paybal but debit card is fine by me.
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    Pre-ordering concerns

    Personally I don't even bother to read about the Pandora dates anymore because they probably won't stick to them. My advice is just be patient and check your inbox as often as you can !
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    Could Pandora Play Flv Files ?

    Awesome ! Its got everything I want then :D
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    Could Pandora Play Flv Files ?

    I really want to be able to watch movies without converting them and if Pandora could play FLV Files It would be a 100% perfect console for me. If It can not play FLV's would someone consider making an app to do this ? (Does anyone know if the Wiz Will play flv's ?) Thanks !
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    Gph: The Wiz - Official Announcement

    Well it looks good and its pretty damn cheap too. If there are shoulder buttons i think it has enough buttons as well. I want the Pandora though, this "Wiz" doesnt really pack that WOW factor that Pandora does. So I won't be buying one if i own the Pandora and 2x. Dont need three handheld that...
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    Mame Game: Tokyo Cop !

    Ok so I had a go on this machine when I was out and about HERE and well I became rather addicted to it. Does anyone know where I could download it or whether or not they knowif there is a download available for this game at all. Sorry if you can't post an answer to to this I thought It was just...
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    Blender On The Pandora

    Blender On Pandora ? Lol thats just CrAzY! It would be pretty damn cool though !
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    Q's About The Pandora Design

    Awww thats a shame, they looked great !
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    Scale 1:1 "paper-mache" Pandora

    I hope the pre-orders will be at the very end of this month. They owe us that much, I mean they already delayed the release once ! LOL I have the money ready and waiting... Now Hurry The Hell Up, Before I Spend It On Something Else !
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    Q's About The Pandora Design

    "Here" Cool, Thanks for that !
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    Q's About The Pandora Design

    I thought it probably was, Its the best one ! Touchscreen as well ! Dude This things got everything !! :D
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    Q's About The Pandora Design

    Well I have been looking at various pictures of Pandora and all of them are a little bit different. Picture #1 Is my favourite one. The Option buttons, keyboard buttons and directional pad all look nice and smooth, and the speakers are styled like a Ds. The SD Card slots are also at the front...
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    Thank You For The Forum !

    Recently I have been signing up to a lot of other forums, I never realised just how good this one actually is untill now ! On nearly all of the forums I joined it only took about 6 posts before I felt like everone hated me ! Other Forums Are full of assholes ! So this is just a quick post...
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    Questions About Wireless Internet !

    Thats all pretty cool ! No need for a crib and wires across the floor anymore !
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    Questions About Wireless Internet !

    Good Good ! Positive answers for everything ! I was hoping that I would be able to use firefox on it ! And I like the idea of swappin files with my mates via their phones, It would make them rather jealous !