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  1. emilio

    Use Pandora as Bluetooth Gamepad for other consoles

    Hi, is it possible to use the Pandora as a Bluetooth Controller/Input Device and connect it to other hardware, e.g. Raspberry Pi or Fire TV? So I only want to use the controls/Buttons/DPAD etc.
  2. emilio

    Switchable DPAD/Buttons for every Emulator

    No discussion about this product but switchable Z-PADS are REALLY cool, so you can use different buttons for N64, PSX... THIS would be a really cool feature for the Pyra²!!!
  3. emilio

    Pandora App to remove uneeded appdata-folder after deleting the pnd???

    After trying many games I deletet the ones i never play, but every game created a folder in appdata. Is there an app to sync pnds on sdcard and removing folders in the appdata-directory, when there is no pnd found or something else???
  4. emilio

    Port Request: SameGoo

    Hi there, anyone interested in porting SameGoo? There are already ports for Dingoo. Source:
  5. emilio

    Release Amoebax Fll Screen Issue

    I tried Amoebax, but it starts in Window mode and to large. It is not possible to change the resolution, the buttons are not on the screen :( Is it possible to change the start resolution, that the game directly runs in a pandora optimized way :)
  6. emilio


    Hi, is there a webserver I can run on the pandora? And is there a opportunity to run php? thx
  7. emilio

    Port Request: KSame / samegame?

    Hi Guys, I couldn't find a SameGame like game, so what about porting Ksame? Ksame Source:
  8. emilio

    Port Request: IceBreaker

    Hi Guys, anyone interested in porting this Jezzball-like game? Sources available and already in SDL:
  9. emilio

    WAD/Doomlaunchers: Which one is the best?

    Hi there, I downloaded many WAD/Doomlaunchers from the REPO, but don't know which one is for which use case the best. Is there a summary which Launcher can run which game best? here are some use cases - Doom 1 - Doom 2 - Heretic - Hexen - TC's Runners for example: -...
  10. emilio

    When do you send the 1Ghz-Pandoras to customers?

    Hi Ed, when do you send the Pandoras to your customers? You waited last week for the new boxes from Craig, meanwhile they should arrived. So what is the next step? When will you send it? Do you send an Email to every person that the unit is on the way with the tracking number? Thanks!
  11. emilio

    GreenBulb XStylus Crayon for Pandora?

    Hey Ed, in the past it was discussed xstylus will be released for the pandora, i think you got one to test. Whats the actual status? The xstylus for Nintendo DS and iPad are still available, do you know anything about a pandora version? It seems that the NDS-stylus is too small...