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    Usb Working !!!! On Gp32linux :)

    Nope. Got a 15gb iPod for MP3 use. The GP is a GamePlayer. :ph34r: :rolleyes:
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    Usb Working !!!! On Gp32linux :)

    You can't "Step up transformer" with DC. There are DC-DC step up circuits though. Transformers need AC. -Peter
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    English Gamepark Site Open!

    Ya.... Hey wait a Minute... I'm in the USA, but then again, I found this puppy quitea while ago. And, I just moved to Ohio, so now there's 3 of us. Time for a meet. We'll show those tea sipping limey's! -Peter
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    You know it. BTW.... Where can I find..... :rolleyes:
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    Anime Dvd To Gp32

    Many other ways.Afterdawn has one of the best guides. Good luck! :ph34r:
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    Where Are You From?

    Union City, CA, US here Although soon to be Cincinnati, OH, US. :ph34r:
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    I've Just Realised That A 32mb Zodiac...

    I think that Sam's asking about externam mem. It says that it can use MMC/SD cards. Those can be had in sizes up to 512mb. (Like 4 SMC's put together!) But, games like Doom (I play this all the time on my GP) are $29.99. Homebrew doesn't seem to be quite as well developed. Many emu's are...
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    What U Watchin ?

    Currently watching Onegai Teacher and Chobits. Currently encoding Initial D ( I am working on the first 3 seasons.) Hoping that one day I'll find every Futurama ep and Southpark eps. -Peter
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    Official Beta Firmware

    Will this new FW get added to the Aquafish MFW? I am running V4 and I like it, but if there is a *new* euro-firmware, could it be added? Also, is the PC link software in this file English? Does it work with the old EuroFW? -Peter
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    Another Gpcine Question

    So, you can fit, what, a 10 minute movie onto your 128mb card? Anime: XviD at 80kbps, between 8-10fps. Sound is Mpeg Layer 3 at 32kpbs/11250hz. Action: XviD at 96kbps, between 12-15fps. Sound is Mpeg Layer 3 at 40kbps/22,500hz If your sound is choppy, then you are running it at too low of a...
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    Newb Question (nes)

    Yes. -Peter p.s. How big is your SMC, how much do you already have on it. How many games do you want to hold? I think that the largest games (NES) I have are 800k. If you have a 128mb mem card, thats 128000kb. Divided by 800kb, that's 160roms. I have around 20 roms...
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    GP32 Zot/gp -- Need Alpha Tester Or Two Asap!

    I'll give it a whirl! -Peter
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    Gigas Engine 0.5.1

    Original Legend of Zelda... I can throw the Boomerang in any of the 8 directions. :) Lets see those Diagonal attacks! -Peter
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    New Mame Port Project!!

    I just got back from a friend's house over the weekend where I was playing his cocktail table version of Ms. PacMan with the Multi Pc chip in it. Very cool. My favorite is Ms. Pacman with the Speed-up hack. That one only speeds up Ms. Pac, not the ghosts. Very fun game.The Multipac game even...
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    Gp32 Stock

    I've got one in Sunny California. B) -Peter I swear, I'm the only one I know of who has one in the whole freakin state. Now I am going to Ohio for 5 years, and will be nearly the olny one there with a PC. some states around this country are very backwards.
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    Gigas Engine

    bumping, just waiting for an update. Been looking at the last beta on Hoping for more... I want to make a bit of a Zelda map clone with it. -Peter
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    Simpsons Doom

    The original site might be down, but you can find it here with a bit of searching. :ph34r: you must be stealthy young padawan. -peter
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    GP32 In Different Colors ?

    I have an "Arctic White" clear GBA setting right next to my GP32. I like the clear white color. I even changed the case on my original PlayStation to clear white and had the Clear white Dual-shock controllers for my PS. -Peter
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    Atari 8-bit emu...

    So, I'm looking to play games from my long forgotten past, and I need to know what I need to get for the Atari 8-bit emu... I want to play old games, but do I need other images for to make it work??? :blink: I have some "roms" but some are BIN and some are ATR files. What do I use and when...
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    Anyone heard of this great person?

    Ted Nugent is very outspoken on gun-control as well.... He even has a Survivor related reality show that is filmed on his ranch. Great. Favorite quote: The man is brilliant. He is kinda like Davey Crocket was in his time. He testifies before congress on many issues. Ted's own...