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    I've Been A Member For Exactly 1 Year...

    I joined on Halloween but I didn't realize that til' it was the beginning of December. Being nocturnal I'm usually a day behind. Anyways, what ever did happen to "the cheat"? He just dissappeared. Did our ranting words hurt or offend him too much?? I forgot who his local friend on this site...
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    I Hate Skool!!

    We all blame Christmas for that, poor fool, we all do. :P I don't find skool pointless at all, but more or less I find skool [especially] way too redundant, too fortified and restricting of rights [well some skools], teachers either too bitchy and uptight or disgustingly frooty, and...
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    Wanted: 166mhz Gp32 Blu

    Bah... it was worth the try but ohh well... this extra bit is going to have to come out of my pocket probably... :( Howzzuh $150 sound?? I might not be able to respond til' about the 3rd of Jan, ok? Thank you!! P.S.: Don't sell it to someone else!!
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    The Christmas Thread

    Whoo!! I'm getting all of my gifts at random times, I still have a few to get but I got most of them. A week ago: A MP3/WMA compact CD player Eve: Hoody from Hot Topic w/ skull beanie w/ flaming skull Christmas: Virgin Mobile MTV cell phone GTA: San Andreas flying ufo thingy [Edit: I forgot...
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    Wanted: 166mhz Gp32 Blu

    Aww... c'mon!! Im desperate for a new one!! Pleez, someone post an offer and I'll get to you ASAP. But I might not get to you til' the beginning of January. :ph34r: :( <_<
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    What is your avatar of?

    I like it much better than the Viewtiful Joey Kid, now when I see "mattmagoo", I no longer see a nine year old kid in a superhero suit.
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    The Most Annoying Thing On The Roads?

    The most annoying thing on the road in America: Bicyclers. Where I live you'd see one every day and the speed they go is about 15-20 miles and their almost impossible to pass so they shouldn't be as bad as guys on mopeds going too fast... but I don't drive so I may be wrong...
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    Wanted: 166mhz Gp32 Blu

    I'm looking for a GP32 BLU[not +]. It must have a pc link cable and be at 166Mhz or higher so I can run programs like DrMD and OpenSNES at decent/full speeds, and I do not mind scratches on screen long as there's not alot and it's not on the actual screen. I will pay extra for glass screen...
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    I Hate Traffic Wardens!!!

    Hmm... this is the, what, third "I Hate..." topic. Well, keep the hate flowing!! No, probably won't unless spray is talking to a REALLY nice employee... which wont happen. Y'see, they are ALWAYS right. ALWAYS. But you have nothing to lose.
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    This Forum Is Soooo

    Well... my heart is beating, I'm breathing, I eat, sleep, work, socialize, reproduce, and die... so yes, I sure am living. I am, I AM quite living me.
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    Rammstein Merchandise

    Naw, I like it because the industrial sound you get in Rammstein [espescially in Sehnsucht], and the only other band that I know thats industrial is Atari Teenage Riot, which I love... I've never heard of a dumber reason for us Americans like Rammstein, I mean I've never even thought about it...
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    "2nd Pass, First-pass" Compression Divx

    Huh? I've tried it more than once and it didn't work on mine. And the 2nd pass... did you go to advanced settings for the video codec? I'm sure that it is at least three times smaller than the first pass settings, unless something wacky was going on with the computer... :(
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    Flu Price Ups

    Eek! :ph34r: Ohh... hmm... thats not good... well, hopefully I'll be able to get a used BLU.....
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    Rammstein Merchandise

    Does ne body listen to MegaHertz? I've heard they sound like Rammstein, and want to know their best CD to pick up. Du Hast is too over-rated.
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    I Have The New Blus

    Wow, this is sad... what the hell is going on with Gamepark anyways?? I would consider those GP32s faulty, and this is definitely gonna dissappoint anybody with plans of getting a BLU, because either Gamepark will have to handle this as "faulty GP32s" or some coders will have to make two...
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    Flu Price Ups

    So wheres the cheapest place to buy FLUs and BLUs now?? [dont say ebay] EDIT: Wow, the deal for the BLU on is great! A 166Mhz BLU, SMC reader/writer, RF link, and SMC/game [?] for... [doing math in head... including shipping]... about $160! Not too bad... .... but what is the SMC/game??
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    What is your avatar of?

    ??? Hmm... the Ruffian from Jubei Chan?? Haven't watched that anime in a while though so I wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong...
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    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    DJ Do-Boy, DJ Irene, Kid Napalm, and Sandstorm. -- _- _-(-(-*((([MiX_CD])))*-)-)-_ -_ --
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    Laptop Q's

    Did I hear something wrong or are only DELLs upgradeable?? If I heard something wrong then don't go with dell...........
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    "2nd Pass, First-pass" Compression Divx

    I've noticed a long time ago while making an encoding mistake, that "2nd pass, first-pass" DiVX compression is about 5 times smaller than that of what you need to encode for the GP32 [first pass]. I came back to it and it seems its not possible for the GP Cinema, so with this topic I'm asking if...