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    Sweet... Beats Of Rage Is Out :p

    i know what you mean, it lacks diversity, and options in moves. Theres no weapon around, and the combat strategies and gameplay arent polished enough. Still, its admirable for an homebrew project Lets hope it will be corrected in their new project. B)
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    Sony Psp

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Firestorm Skin Ready For Download!

    WOW. Just WOW! kee up the good work! ;) damn, now i need a gp2x even more. edit: just to be more helpfull, i think icons looks abit too plastic . The images in the backround are insanely beautiful though.
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    Kinda New, Here's What I'd Like To See...

    this is suposed to be a joke, right? :ph34r:
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    Question About Neo Geo Mvs Emulation

    with a method or another, it doesn't mather. I just hope we'll be able to play every MVS games we want... Do this, online matchs support , a chatbox, DOSbox and some pc conversions and i'm in heaven. :)
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    20mb? first time i hear that only 20mb of the NAND memory will be usable by the user to store what he wants. Are you sure of what you say?
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    Distraction From Delay Of Gp2x

    me neither. I liked paintshop better, to tell you the truth. :(
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    Gp2x Or Xgp?

    Bassicly, if you want homebrew, emulators, and other projects, stay with the gp2x. That's where the community, the action, is. Xgp will surely be more powerful, because it will have a 3d accelerator. But 16:10 screen, analog stick and GP's point of view about homebrew and emulation on their...
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    Gp2x Or Xgp?

    the only thing thing that the xgp have and that the gp2x doesn't (in the hardware (power-wise)) is the 3d accelerator. But the community is going with the gp2x, so why would you need a 3d accelerator if there's nothing to run on it?
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    Quake 2 Possible?

    quake 3 without online options isn't worth the effort.
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    Quake 2 Possible?

    half-life uses a highly tweaked quake engine, the problem is that this new engine cannot be used legally by anyone for anything, like the quake engine is right now.
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    Am I Too Late?

    i think it's more like 30 000, but i could be wrong. Anyway, the gp2x is designed as an open source console already, wich the gp32 wasn't. there's linux in it, it's more powerfull and all, so more people are attracted by it (guys liking linux,...) I wasn't very interested in the gp32, too...
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    What Goes On With The Xgp?

    i think xgp will be vapor too. Too expensive, Too complex, Tries to go after the psp, No comercial games, no 2d Accelerator,... it won't be a hit. If you want something like a psp, then go for the psp. Games are crap, but it have games, at least.
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    in a next version of the firmware, perhaps? Remember tha GPH will update the firmware after the release, and i doubt it will be for bugs only.
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    i find it hard to believe that someone think my question is stupid....when a line after he asks for the same damn thing.
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    222? 266? Wow, that's amazing. Anyone can back up those claims?
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    Gph Post Responce On Gp4

    Waaannnaaaa Fightt duuuuude??!! :P
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    Gp2x Case Photos

    just put a a soft piece of cloth on the screen, and print the gp2x logo on it. :)
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    Nintendo 64 - Possible Or Not?

    Short Answer: No. Long Answer: No, First, to understand why you need to know both machines and how emulation is technically done. The n64's cpu is a 64-bit R4300i RISC (93.75MHz) / 64-bit data paths, registers with 5-stage pipelining and a Co-processor (not dual proccessor) of 64-bit RISC...