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    GP32 Change Gpbitblt By Gm_memcpy

    Due to the fact that the screen memory is strange, you can use this formula, to get the address of a pixel: P(x,y) = start_of_screen_memory + (240 * x * ( 240 - y )) * (bpp / 8) Warning: Using gm_memcpy, cause sound to crash a lot :( Then, you will have to copy column by column, and for sprite...
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    Slubman Firmware

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    Slubman Firmware

    I've finally decide to release the full source code. Thanks to gp32x for hosting the file. Download: here
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    Slubmans Firmware Questions

    United GP Viewer is now available as a plugin, it support: Pictures : JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA, PCX Programs : FXE, GXB, AXF, GXF, GXE Firmwares : BIN Musics : WMA, WAV, SEF, MP3, MOD Videos : AVI Roms : NGP, NPC
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    Slubman Fw Questions. (plug-ins)

    You have to put them in gp:/gpsys/plugins/ If the folder doesn't exist, create it with the explorer ;)
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    Adic 2004 Downloads

    AS said on gpnews, you can download entries at: or by eDonkey at: ed2k://|file|ADIC2004.rar|73548050|10b8a43141c72a6ad1adf236c985cd65| N.B: there is just a pack with all programs (70.14MB).
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    Which Firmware Is This?

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    Firmware Questions

    BobBorakovitz, to launch GXE in the firmware you have to install a plugin called launchGXE
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    Slubman Firmware

    New beta, with 2 change from the actual release: * 8/16/32 MB bios from Mr.Spiv * An option to chooses CPU speed. I just want to know if there is no training bug :) Download : here
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    Post Your Top 5 Homebrew Games

    Unplayable for me :(
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    Post Your Top 5 Homebrew Games

    Tie Break Tennis Elena GpMax GpDoom SC2
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    GP32 Building Gp32 Toolchain

    I've succeed in build-it with rob settings, and all thinks work fine now. It's seem that I was forgetting to export a shell variable :S
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    GP32 Building Gp32 Toolchain

    Linux Mandrake 10 community :S I'll go to re-compile gcc with your setings, to show you the errors.
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    GP32 Building Gp32 Toolchain

    About mr.mirko automated tool: 1°/ I don't have a DSL connection so i download everything from scho, then simplyn change the scrit in order that i mustn't download. 2°/ I run it as root 3°/ I've got error using the gpsdk :(
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    GP32 Building Gp32 Toolchain

    Using Rob's tuto with gcc 3.4.2 i've got the following errors:
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    GP32 Building Gp32 Toolchain

    Hi I download gcc 3.4.2, i succeed in compile it with Mr.Mirko settings, but, now i've got errors using th gpsdk file, and all sdk i've found have failed to link :( So i just have three question: 1°/ What are the settings (CFLAGS) i should use to build the gcc ? 2°/ What gp32 sdk (should i...
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    Slubman's Firmware

    You just have to deactivate the Boot.fxe option :)
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    Gp32x File Archive

    I've registred, but never receive the mail with my password to log in the site :(
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    Adic 2004

    It's seems like you can't send a game make with giga engine :(
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    Adic 2004

    You have till december, the 31th of 2004 to send a project