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    Upgraded Xp To Vista

    Will be going the VM route for now. I have a mixture of VM's on my work machine external drive already. Home machine is Vista, at work we won't be touching Vista anytime soon. I used to have a laptop at home with dual boot to XP and Suse Linux, but never had the time to learn Linux. There...
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    Upgraded Xp To Vista

    Thanks Blah, thats kinda the answer I expected but hoped wasn't the case. I didn't want this to become an OS bashing/praising thread. As for O/S's I've been around the block since Dos,95,98,2000,XP (Avoided ME :) ) Ironically I would normally go for a fresh install everytime. But due to...
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    Upgraded Xp To Vista

    This post is both a warning and a submission for help. I upgraded my XP SP2 box to Vista this weekend and since then my dev environment has not been working. I have been using Eclipse with a 4.0.2 arm-linux toolchain. This thread kinda summarises the symtoms I am suffering and a possible...
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    Noob Question

    doh! didn't read your whole post. Glad you have it sorted.
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    Commercial Development A Good Or Bad Idea On This Platform?

    Got my GP2X at Xmas and have been working on a little title of my own. As a homebrew developer it is a struggle to find a decent amount of time to work on stuff. Family/work life is busy. If you are getting into the homebrew scene to make money you are mistaken on the GP2X. If you are...
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    Noob Question

    Try linking with pthread too but adding -lpthread
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    Payback- Full Game

    Perhaps they can set up a download site and email you some form of licence key based upon your GP2X serial number?
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    Too Little Time, Too Much To Do :(

    Mystery project for me..... :)
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    GP2X Work!

    Technical Architect based in London. Code in C#, BizTalk now, used to do Java, RPG (AS/400 :blink: ) Been coding for over 25 years now. Always regretted not getting into games dev and have dabbled about ever since. From Z80 assembler on spectrum, 6502 on C64 and 68000 on ST onwards. Hence...
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    Cool Gadget...

    It looks awful. I would be embarrassed to play a game with that attatched to a mobile. :blink:
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    Gp2x + Cold Temperatures

    What temperature would the LCD crystals freeze at then.... Gaming at -20C, you're likely to use your thumbs. Can you play Beat2X in mittens? Must be like running a super cooled CPU ;)
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    Gp2x Crap Games Competition

    Well I did start coding an entry for this as my first foray into GP2X coding. I was going to be Tic-Toe-Doh! a noughts and crosses type game on a 2x2 board for riveting gameplay. However my development spiralled into a completely different game entirely. Added to the fact the "Real Life...
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    General Coding Tips For N00bs

    Yup, can't emphasise the importance of decent comments enough. As a hobbiest coder you are likely to have large gaps between having a chance to work on some code. Comments help to diffuse the "what the hell was I thinking of there" fug. I have often revisted old code and looked at it and...
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    General Coding Tips For N00bs

    Yaustar, I agree completely with the source control aspect. However its just yet another thing to learn when they are taking their first tentative steps. I was coding a version of Bombjack on the spectrum in assembler years ago, and some bastard stole the cassette (yes old skool) with the...
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    General Coding Tips For N00bs

    I've been around the block a few times coding wise, new to the GP2X though. Thought it might be worth compiling a list of tips to make life easier for new developers though. Feel free to add a few yourselves. These are a few tips to make life generally easier in the long run, instead of...
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    GP2X Some Questions About Variables And Their Location In The Process Memor

    Why not approach it from a different angle... Take a copy of the ROM and update that ;)
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    Glbasic For The Gp2x!

    As a coding "snob" I'd never lower myself to coding in BASIC again. Been in this game too many years for that. As a n00b, BASIC is a great way of picking up coding skills. I appreciate the work that goes into writing some release quality software, so if you can make a go of it AND make some...
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    My New Homebrew Game

    Looks like a musical drunken doctor simulator involving moneys and watermelons. Personally I think the genre has been done to death already.
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    GP2X Some Problem When Compile Sdl Test Program Thingy Version 1.5

    Great document delrina, I used this as a basis for getting Eclipse working with static compiles.
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    GP2X Fixed Vs. Float

    Are you using variable float values or constants? I remember reading somewhere that the compiler optimises float constants to integer mult/divides. (Or did I eat too much cheese before bed that night?)