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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    The only way to eliminate the national debt is to stop buying things like the Craiginator from overseas. Actually though, the national debt is a good thing since it promotes commercial interest. Finally, I didn't know that we were getting free oil from Iraq, I'm not seeing any benefits if we...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    The Graiginator sounds very interesting. I will be especially interested if it can take notes with the touch screen and play warcraft 3 and/or starcraft.
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    I agree that it will be the most powerful and I am not criticizing it too harshly. I just want to point out that the minor advantages of being able to play PSX make such a large investment foolish. If it does more than full PSX, it sounds like a good deal.
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    The hardware simply doesn't matter unless there is good software to run on it. For the Craiginator to be popular, it will need to have at least a few good 3d games like quake 3, etc or very few people will buy it and the device will tank. I'm sure that some people will buy it, but I can get a...
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    I got an ULTRALAST super Chinese-Made charger which claims "quick charge" but doesn't give any times estimated times. I find this to be extremely reliable :lol: and it charges all batteries that I have in about 35 mins fully. It was funny looking at some older 1600 mah batteries that I've been...
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    Should I Wait?

    SDHC can be done with the current GP2X. It's just not in the firmware, so a hack must be done. :ph34r:
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    Why Do People Want The Mk1?

    My MK2 can overclock to 280. Just go for the cheapest thing around. They all have their draw backs and advantages.
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    Gp2x F-100 ~ F-200 Compatibility

    Is Craig the life line to GPH? I'm just wondering if he persuaded them to keep working on the GP2X...
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    Will There Be Any More Progress With Snes Emulation...?

    Dave, you're spot on. I understand that this new system will doubtlessly make all existing 2d games much better. I'm just wondering whether or not it will be worth the dough. For me, the vast majority of 2d games that I have tried on older emulated systems have run without any major hiccups. In...
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    Will There Be Any More Progress With Snes Emulation...?

    Who cares about SNES, when there's PSX? I understand that old-schoolers prefer--well older games, but aren't psx games physically more advanced than snes games and are therefore more desirable?
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    How Many Gp2x's Sold? How Much Longer?

    I'm not upgrading unless the new console offers something over the gp2x like a 3d processor, not just "capabilities". Face it, we can play retro games really well now on the GP2X, why can't we move onto some 3d goodness? I love all of the classic open source games, etc. but wouldn't quake 3...
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    Gp2x Review By A Gp32 Owner

    Still waiting for fday..... Linux can be surprisingly small, so overhead shouldn't be much of an issue.
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    Virtual Racing

    I second playable Virtua Racing. By the power of Linus! B)
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    Gp2x Site Offline!

    Is it just me, or has anyone noticed that the main GP2X website is offline? This could be very bad...
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    Mame Gp2x 4.6

    It's clear that the only thing remaining for MAME GP2X to do is to make us toast in the morning. :D
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    Iframes In Firefox

    Appreciate the suggestion... <_< Anyway, we spent about 1 month developing the site for my father's orthopedic practice. I probably put about 35 hrs into it so I can't just toss it out and start over on our own site. I'm just wondering what to do to make it functional, idc if it's perfectly...
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    Iframes In Firefox

    Yeah... I'm trying to get template monster to fix the doubling issue. I am just wondering if anyone has any tips to solve this issue and the numerous other ones. Thanks again.
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    Iframes In Firefox

    I talked with them in email and they suggested the slash fix, but when I tried that nothing happened. I then provided them with my ftp info and they got the flash to at least display. Anyway, if anyone here wants to buy it, the template's $51. :D...
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    Iframes In Firefox

    I purchased a template from template monster and completed this site in Dreamweaver 8. This site uses flash as well as iframes. When viewed in IE or Opera, the site displays fine with the flash header at top, but when you open it in Firefox, the flash header disappears, and there is an error...