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    Help find shipment

    Thank you. I found it on deuchepost.And i solved a problem why i can't find it before. There is Deuche date format Month first. It confused me. Also i tried track through, and russianpost. There was no result. About emails. I sent emails yesterday and 3 days ago.
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    Help find shipment

    Help find shipment. I ordered upgrade to 1GHz Pandora 1 month ago, but still waiting my unit. ED and Craig ignoring my emails. Michael said, that he send package. Tracking number is <tracking number removed>. But i can not find it in online databases. I am not sure, that it was shipped. May...
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    Emails to remaining preorders.

    I have a question about my order. I paid upgrade to 1 GHz pandora at 14 November. You promised shipping within 10-14 days. But i still waiting this shipping. Also you ignored my email about it. When you perform your promise? May be, I must wait another Two Months?