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    After All This Time...

    ^^^ This! Yeah, the GP2X has aged really well! I always thought the GP2X would become obsolete when better handhelds came out, but I was wrong. It still plays all these amazing emulators well, so why upgrade? And smartphones still don't come with gamepad controls, so it's clear by now they're...
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    Falldown For Wiz

    Nice one Alex! I really enjoyed the GP2X version, can't wait to play this with a dpad :D
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    Is Any One Else Having Trouble With The Clock Funtion

    Yeah, pressing "B" makes it crash oddly enough. If you click on the clock menu item with the touchpad, it'll go into it fine. There was one or two other menu items that were like this too.
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    Mod Tracker

    If I can get my dev env working + some sort of serial output (over USB?) working on my Wiz, I will try to port LittleGPTracker unless someone beats me to it: This thing rocks on GP2X!
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    Does Anyone Have An Example Of Using The Toolchain?

    Someone in #wizdev on EFNet told me that we should just use a regular version of SDL for development. I guess if you have a Wiz you can probably steal your off the device and link your binaries against that (and using the stock header for a compile). Has anyone tried this though?
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    Casiocrack Music Compo Results (all Made The Littlegptracker)

    This was a good compo. :)
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    GP2X Rrootage Port Hang

    Yeah, that might be worth a shot, thanks Senor Quack. Another idea along those lines is to get dynamic linking working (I don't think I used it).
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    GP2X Rrootage Port Hang

    I haven't been back to these forums in ages, so you're lucky I stumbled across this thread again. :) Senor Quack: The upper memory is used by gpu940, so as far as I know we can't use it. tetsuomaki: I've been meaning to get around to posting the source I have so far online, because I've been...
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    Does A 5v Gp2x Really Exist?

    When I built my BoB, there was a discuss in #gp2xdev about this. The wiki said something about 5 volts, but not a single person had seen a GP2X with 5v coming out the EXT port. The unofficial verdict was that it was just bogus information on the wiki that nobody ever really caught.
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    GP2X Rrootage Port Hang

    Update: I think I might be running out of memory, which is causing the freezes. These captures were taken when rRootage was sitting there frozen: CODE [root@gp2x rRootage]$./vmstat procs memory swap io system cpu r b w swpd free buff...
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    Craigix Discloses Information On New Gp2x?

    Holy crap, I like blinked and this whole thread happened... :) :gp2x
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    GP2X Rrootage Port Hang

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate your advice. I'm going to try to make time for this soon-ish and I'll take another crack at it! Thanks again!
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    GP2X Rrootage Port Hang

    Hi all, I've been slowly (sllooooowly) working away on my rRootage port for the past few months. I've been stuck for quite some time on these random crashes that keep occurring. Long story short, I've done a ton of commenting out code to try to narrow it down so I could find a single line of...
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    Reword V0.3 - New Version

    Awesome! I used to play Reword quite a bit during the last semester, I'm pleased to see there's a new release. Keep up the good work.
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    I Can't Plug Sd Cards Into My Brand New Gp2x

    Yeah, there's almost definitely a bent pin in there, and the socket they used in the crappy batch just blows - After seeing what the normal/better socket looks like, I'd recommend NOT trying to fix it yourself, because it's liable to happen again and totally snap off a pin. (...and since you'll...
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    I Can't Plug Sd Cards Into My Brand New Gp2x

    There was a batch of GP2Xes with fault SD card sockets earlier this year, and it looks like you got one of the units. (I got one around Christmas with this problem, and a bunch of users had the same problem here on the forums.) Contact whoever sold you the GP2X and get it exchanged. They'll...
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    Thinking About Writing A Sampler

    Well, that's the thing Parkydr - This loop sampler won't use MIDI. The problem with Freewheeling and Sooperlooper is that they basically _require_ you to have a MIDI controller for it to actually be useful. I want to design this so it can operate semi-hands free. For example, I want to be able...
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    Thinking About Writing A Sampler

    It's just really hard to use in a live situation without a MIDI controller (like a pedal or something)... maybe all sampler's are going to have that problem. SooperLooper's just a bit too complicated too. (Play with it and you'll know what I mean.) I just need something very simple, and...
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    Thinking About Writing A Sampler

    Hey guys, I can't find any decent live looping sampler software for Linux, so I'm thinking about writing my own. It just occurred to me that if I made an SDL-based interface for it (or something like that), it'd be easy to port it to GP2X. Has anyone used an external USB soundcard with a GP2X...
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    Firmware 2.1.2

    I have this mystery firmware installed too. Has anyone gotten Dosbox working on it? It doesn't work for me (I get some really weird error), and I'm wondering if it's the firmware revision.