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    GP32 Map File Storage

    I would suggest a chat struct, offers 256 different tiles. If you plan a user level editor, use text files. Like: wweeqewqerwqrertztt qwrtewreerwerwerezt weqere"§$§%§"2eww .... every char represent one tile. Remeber a 600x600 tiled screen (no matter how big a tile is), only use 600*600=360.000...
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    GP32 Need Help To Decompress A Fxe-file

    No, you can use geepee32 to load the fxe, and do a memory dump afterwards. cu,
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    GP32 Gp32 Sdl Doesn't Vsync

    Yes, the gp32 can vsync to the refreshrate of the lcd screen. (50Hz and up). write chui a mail to implement my source correctly :)
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    Gp2x Mencoder Bash Script

    The -ffourcc DIVX codec is so old, and produces very bad encodings. If you want better quallity videos, you can use the divx4 codec from the ffmpeg pack, or the (prefered) xvid codec. Using ffmepg divx4 codec: mencoder -o movie.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=200:vhq -oac...
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    GP32 Basic Sound Questions (using Mr.mirko)

    Thats really why i like "all-in-wonder" makefiles, youre LOST... ( btw very good TV show... ) chage: CFLAGS := -Wall -O2 -mtune=arm9tdmi\ -fomit-frame-pointer\ -ffast-math \ $(ARCH) TO: CFLAGS := -Wall -O0 -mtune=arm9tdmi REMOVE: -fomit-frame-pointer -ffast-math $(ARCH)
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    GP32 Basic Sound Questions (using Mr.mirko)

    if the sound crackles, check your drawing to the screen, if your only drawing to the framebuffer, and not to some "nearby" memory. Are you using FRAMEBUFFER1/2 memory ? DO not use some malloc memory for framebuffer. Also do not use empty loops, like while (1) wait_for_keypress; Do remove all...
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    Jtag? External Port?

    fpga chips are only for designing new chips, later then all is working, and the design is good, an fpga is no longer used. The chip hardware is build static. An fpga chip is to expensive for mass use. Also fpga chips are slow. ( e.g. you cant emulate an 2Ghz Athlon64, on an fpga chip ) cu...
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    GP32 Devkitpro Error With Including Stdio.h

    Dont include <stdio.h> !!!!! They will conflict with the types in fileio.h implicit warnings are not "so" bad... They only mean, that there is no prototype found, for your calling function, but it is working 100%. If you want to remove the implicite warnings, add the prototype of the function...
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    Any Update On 2nd Cpu?

    Okay, i checked the def of the word "useless", and it is used for things, who are broken, or can not get to work. I think i used the wrong word. Couse we all know, that the second core, is working.
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    The Ninja

    Yes, thanx, i forget to mention you EvilDragon, thanx for all your help...
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    Any Update On 2nd Cpu?

    Okay, i think i should answer to this. to 1. I never said something against this... 2. The same thing, i posted here, no MMU, and the PU is useless, couse Linux can not use it. 3. I posted above, that you can run any code on it, and GPH is using it as an divx decoder. 4. same as 3. 5. I was...
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    The Ninja

    It was not possible for me, getting any contact to Samsung. They (as company) will not cooperate with individuals. Solution: Build up a company ( like GPH, a 3 person one ) Try to get money, to build a prototype Find a company who can assemble the parts. This is a FUll time job... Its really...
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    Any Update On 2nd Cpu?

    Yes squidge, a simple example, on how you use the second core under Linux, would be great, and how you access global data. You said its easy, your chance now... Please fill out this : char globaldata[8192]; int use_core2() { // fill globaldata with 0xff return; } int main() { use_core2()...
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    Any Update On 2nd Cpu?

    This is not possible, and will never happen, couse Linux can not support SMP the way, the two cores are inside the CPU. The BIG Problem is, that there is no MMU ( Memory manegment Unit) in the second core. And Linux needs it. Without a SMP system can not work.
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    Any Update On 2nd Cpu?

    The second core is only used for DIVX decoding ! Not for displaying the Video to the Screen . The 2D display unit, is a seperate unit from the two cores.
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    Any Update On 2nd Cpu?

    This is exactly, how demo programmers, used the DSP insinde the Atari Falcon030. You can use the second DSP as a 3D redering cpu. Send over the data, and get in return the transformed data. ( A better floating point unit ). Somone only needs to write a floating point lib, for the second core...
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    Any Update On 2nd Cpu?

    With running/working Linux in the background ? Also it is not possible, that both cores, share the same memory, the 32MB was only an example. Both cores need differen memory locations, or do you want to run the same programm on both cores ?
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    Any Update On 2nd Cpu?

    Both CPU cores can run @ the same time ! You can run whatever you want, on any core. The Problem is, core 1, can not see the memory core 2 uses. And vice versa. The two cores can only exchange data, throught a "pipe". Both cores can not read/write memory at the same time. A simple gp2x setup...
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    First of all, the used Linux 2.4 core is old, and not optimal for embedded system. Kernel 2.6 is a lot better in performance,latency, and memory ussage. So a first use of the source, is to port all needed 2.4 kernel things to 2.6, and compile a 2.6 kernel for the gp2x. Also setting up a newer...
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    Think Its Possible To Run A Emu And A .wav Sound?

    This depends on how GPH implemented the sound chip in linux. Is it possible to open /dev/dsp0 twice, at the same time ? Then you can benefit from a multitasking system (linux) and run 2 things @ the same time. ( This has nothing to do with the second cpu core ). You can run (under linux) nice...