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    Any Devs With Free Time? Opensnes9Xgp Needs Fixed.

    Because some of us were around when the gp32 came out and still use it. You know you could make the same argument for why do people make emulators for old hardware ;) .
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    Ur-Quan Masters - Is It Really That Good?

    If you like it be prepared to spend a long time playing it XD and watch out for the damn probes =\ Bourbon
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    Remote Pc?

    Im 100% sure that out of the box you can use ssh and telnet so you can definitely link in to another box and use it. May not be all GUI and pretty but works just fine.
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    Gp32 Usb Driver Won't Install On My System.

    Umm the pclink stuff is actually much slower than a card reader, using the direct usb to gp32 is really on beneficial if you using gpDrive. So you lose nothing with a card reader and gain everything XD. For flashing the firmware it is quite easy you copy 2 files where they need to go and then...
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    Gp32 Usb Driver Won't Install On My System.

    I havent seen that screen in ages. XD But the good new is with that fw you can use a card reader ans it will run everything just fine. Be sure to use this,0,0,0,15,931 utility so the gp32 can read the card. The stock usb stuff is rely shady...
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    Gp32 Usb Driver Won't Install On My System.

    Im going to assume that your using the stock firmware, but on the off chance you are not then depending on which fw you have you maybe able to put the gp32 in to usb hd mode which then no drivers are needed. I remember this issue coming up before for users in the past and right now i cant...
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    With All The Emulators Out There Why Not Gp32?

    Umm so you want to emulate a sys that mainly runs emulators for other systems? The few commercial games were not that good and most of the home brew has been ported. Same goes with most of the emus they were ported or some other emu that does the same thing took their place. Finally if you want...
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    3 Wiz's For Sale

    A down grade..... back in the gp32 days we used to leave books of feedback.And where did the gp32 emot go :huh: --> gp32_console Anyways you should keep one maybe people will come out of the wood work again, especially if you make your stuff cross platform(like say the pandora :P )
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    Virtual Network Computing (Vnc)

    Well some of the servers can hook in to the mirage driver which only polls the section of the screen that changes. Ive used it with tightvnc and it makes a huge difference. But using it to edit a video umm maybe it would work out if the host box is on the same network, otherwise its gona be slow...
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    Silkscreen For The Remaining 3000 Cases?

    Well you dont want to try to turn up the SD slot or insert a card in the the volume do you?
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    Smc To Xd Adapters On Newegg!

    Its gona be hit or miss on any thing over 128mb. If i remember there was talk about it working just only 128MB being used. Trying to get gp manger to work with vista good luck =\ might be better off just using the gp32 as a mass storage device or just using you cardreader.
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    Smc To Xd Adapters On Newegg!

    yeah its no go for anything over 128mb save your cash. I remember when this came up in the good old days so many ideas and none of them really could have worked. :( Pore old gp32 didnt even know that it was doomed to such a small media size.
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    Gp32 Jtag Cable

    Yup the dots are the tie in points for the wires.
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    Awww booo well i guess its time for me to move on also. =\
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    What ever happened to f-day? I have been waiting for like 3 years now. :(
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    Another Frustrated User

    Absolutely fucking wrong where do you get this stuff, you dont need a usb or a jtag to flash. onless you bricked it then you need a jtag. He needs to get his card structured right first then he can flash all he wants off of the smc. First off is your unit a flu, blu, or a blu+. Second if you...
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    I Modded And Overclocked 2 Gp32, All Steps Here

    I had this exact same problem happen with my BLU, so i just soldered a wire from the positive terminal in the batts to the posy of the DC in jack and the same for the negative. I just have to remember to take my batts out of the gp32 when using the ac-power, other wise it might/will go ka-boom :( .
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    Ps2 Emulation

    hey i owna xbox 360 so if i rip my own games they iz leagal so i can play them on the pandora right???????