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    Debian 11 can't write underscore symbol "_"

    Could be that you have to delay a bit this command, because it's overwritten when the desktop manager starts.
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    Slackware inside Pyra @EvilDragon seems that the link on the server doesn't work anymore...
  3. Linux-SWAT

    Report Reveals Decline In Quality of USB Sticks, MicroSD Cards
  4. Linux-SWAT

    sgx-for-v6.9 in the Linux kernel logs

    Hi, I've seen that: ARM: dts: omap5: Add device tree entry for SGX GPU Any idea about what's happening there ?
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    Release PCSX ReARMed release thread

    Yeah, thanks notaz !!!
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    Capitole du Libre 2023

    Was there with ptitSeb and fantomid. A very nice event, as usual, in the city of Toulouse in France. I replaced ptitSeb's LCD cable and another Pandora's screen. Some pics, but I didn't have the time to go to other booths.
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    Debian 11 can't write underscore symbol "_"

    Yup. I myself wait for some kernel issues (mainly sound) to be resolved before resuming Slackware work.
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    Perfect Dark finally gets the full-featured PC port it deserves

    Compiled and played it on PC, it's very nice.
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    Perfect Dark finally gets the full-featured PC port it deserves One of my favorite games.
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    Expand Pyra OS on SD card

    Do someone actually solved this manual resizing problem ? --EDIT: We don't need Parted, I simply used the resize option from cfdisk: it worked like a charm ! Note: was with an ext filesystem.
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    Audio Driver (with bounty!)

    I have 3D with 5.10.
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    Audio Driver (with bounty!)

    Nice ! Could it work with Letux-5.10.x series ?
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    Dragonbox Youtube Video - Brook USB-C Cable to HDMI

    Should work easily, don't you still have your DisplayLink ?
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    Slackware inside Pyra

    There's much more stuff than makesd, like slackware-specific stuff aside. What I should do is integrate that in a newer makesd but it's not planned yet. What is the brand/model of your card ? I'm myself using SanDisk extreme pro. The alpha I've created still runs flawlessly. Didn't worked much...
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    Slackware inside Pyra

    The only time I've touched the filesystem, the card went unbootable. I use a hns's makesd modified version.
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    Slackware inside Pyra

    In this case, boot on PyraOS and do a fsck -y on the SD card. This should repair the card.
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    Slackware inside Pyra

    I can't test modem for now as I have no sim card. Yup, with my first tests I though Firefox wasn't able to play Youtube but it's not the case. For me, HDMI works but the screen is rotated, I think etnaviv driver has to be used for now for HDMI. For X autostart: 1- edit /etc/slim.conf to have...
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    Release DooM 3

    It's based on dhewm 3 which uses normal edition of Doom 3.
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    Slackware inside Pyra

    You're welcome. In SMPlayer, just set video out to use x11, it should play videos with normal colors and a bit less CPU usage than mpv.
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    Slackware inside Pyra

    These three files (or at least one of them, no time to test which one) have to be removed from the rootfs, otherwise starting Xfce won't work: /usr/bin/ /usr/bin/ /usr/bin/ My bad again... this is an alpha release.