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  1. conso

    Arch4Pan: Aur Support

    great, thx guess there is noone stopping us to create our own PKGBUILDs, is there? I'm currently putting voids last release on a 16gig card. Have great hopes for this. I actually think arch would be a wise choise for the official firmware, since it just fits this community quite well.
  2. conso

    Paper Wars

    awesome. will definatly take a look. :)
  3. conso

    diverse kleinigkeiten

    bei mir schießt nur einer der slots und das eher spontan. so 2 meter ist die karte mindestens schonmal geflogen übrigens: Tape ist keine Lösung :P
  4. conso

    Paper Wars

    awesome game! any chance of aquiring the sources? I'm just starting a game project myself and you guys are like half way there ^^
  5. conso

    diverse kleinigkeiten

    sieht so aus. aber ich will sie nicht wegschicken :( vielleicht kann ich ja mit ed aushandeln, dass er mir ne neue batterieabdeckung mitschickt, wenn ich ne ersatzbatterie bestelle :)
  6. conso

    diverse kleinigkeiten

    Bin mit meiner pandy eigentlich sehr zufrieden :-D Aber ein paar Fehler hat sie leider: 1. Ein SD-Slot wirft manchmal einfach die sd-karte aus. im hohen bogen. Manchmal merkt man das garnicht. so hab ich sie irgendwann auf dem Parkplatz wiedergefunden und sie lag schonmal in der kloschüssel...
  7. conso

    Release Audiorace

    you make an awesome game - we appreciate it ;) Some minor critic: when playing outside, it's nearly impossible to see the baddies. Even in close roomes, they are a lot harder to recognize then the goodies. Any chance for some basic modding-/skinning-support. I can do some cheap asset-hacking...
  8. conso

    Beta Another Test Wifi Driver

    Awesome. If this works, I can unplug a switch and an access-point. :D Is the connection stable? Currently, my wifi starts with ~230kb/s and then sinks to ~30kb/s. Makes streaming video pretty much impossible :/
  9. conso

    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    you, awesome :D
  10. conso

    Release Audiorace

    weee, just recieved my new akg k520 headphones. will play audiorace all day long ^^ sound quality is amazing.
  11. conso

    Release Audiorace

    really enjoy the new freedom, gstreamer spends. The person who gave you the tip must be a true hero :P Played through a big part of my collection already. ^^ Activating low-power-mode while playing seems troublesome. Music will start playing after waking up, but ui is unresponsive. Anyway...
  12. conso

    Release Zaz

    technically,zaz really is amazing, but someone with texturing-skills should really provide them some content. It's a shame :/
  13. conso

    Beta Audiorace 1.5

    hehe, just imagine video-support :) I'm glad to hear that gstreamer works out well. I was afraid that it wouldn't suit your profiling needs or be to heavy. If i might recommend something else: with libmusicbrainz you could generate fingerprints for the songs. Saving the highscores with that...
  14. conso

    Still Believe In Craig & Ed Despite The Recent Revalations

    Can understand why some people are pissed, but can also understand craig. Guess he had no other choice and damn, he definatly invested a big part of his life-energy in this project. Now that I have my pandora for some weeks, i must say that I love it and waiting was worth it. It's the kind of...
  15. conso

    Beta Audiorace 1.5

    loving this game! Gameplay is fun and it's probably the prettiest piece of homebrew I've seen on the pandora so far. I'm exited to hear you want to improve the visuals even more :) mp3-support would be amazing. maybe you could provide an ogg-only executable and an additional executable in the...
  16. conso

    Release Frogatto And Friends

    I hoped for that game and it runs brilliantly on my pandora unless it randomly crashes ;) thx pickle!
  17. conso

    The Adobe Flash 10.x player

    am besten erstmal das vorinstallierte plugin sichern und entfernen. dann einfach die neue .so in den ordner rein. Auch könnte man die .so in z.B. .../pandora/appdata/*browserordner*/plugins auf der sd-karte ablegen. So könnte man dann steuern, welche Browser überhaupt flash haben sollen. Mir...
  18. conso

    Gp32X Is Not Good Enough

    Aye, if craig get's creative and manages to integrate the new forum in a nice package with account-integration to the appstore, gaming-servers and instant-messaging, chances would raise the new forum would get accepted. But then again, I doubt one person alone can handle such a thing.
  19. conso

    Gp32X Is Not Good Enough

    great post, sbock. I still don't think the flames were as high as people tell they were. We shall all remember that a lot of people here don't speak english that well (I'm german for instance and had a terrible english teacher in school) and often a little ;) get's misrepresented as an...