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  1. sensible GP32

    Long And Boring Personal Post,

    Good Luck mate!
  2. sensible GP32

    A New Gp32 Version To Celebrate Its 10Th Anniversary ?

    Good times I still crank it out for a little Mega Drive once in a while. I remember when Reesy was god.
  3. sensible GP32

    Keep Track Of The Latest Pandora Development!

    This be fine: - though slightly weird at the same time.
  4. sensible GP32

    A Straight Answer

    Red Baron whilst I know its really annoying not knowing when the pandora is coming, I'm kinda getting sick of your rubbish. When they know the pandora team will tell us end of.
  5. sensible GP32

    Ed Is Doing A Blogpost Now

    Really? Great.
  6. sensible GP32

    The Rabbit Joint

    ha that's awesome!
  7. sensible GP32

    2Nd Review Case Should Arrive Soon.

    Hear, hear ED
  8. sensible GP32


    No Always the bridesmaid never the bride.
  9. sensible GP32

    Ho, Ho,ho (C64 And Gameboy)

    gowd love that pickle
  10. sensible GP32

    If $100 Each? Wiz Or Dingoo?

    Two threads for the same poll? come on! Also I'm going on holiday to Melbourne tomorrow :D
  11. sensible GP32

    The Rabbit Joint

    Took my forever to get the stupid flare gun. But yea! TF2 on the pc rocks.
  12. sensible GP32

    Paper Plane For Gp2x

    This looks awesome, will give it a go!
  13. sensible GP32

    Pandora People Map

    Even somone from Parsons Cross! Rockin'
  14. sensible GP32

    Pickle For Guru

    WOW very quick ;)
  15. sensible GP32

    Pickle For Guru

    I'll see what we can do, Pickle DOES fall under super guru status, he is a porting machine!
  16. sensible GP32

    Mame4all V2.0 Released

    Thanks Franxis, you are a Mame machine!
  17. sensible GP32

    Ioquake2 (cpufreq)

    Nice work pickle
  18. sensible GP32

    Wiz's Weakness

    Amen to that brother!
  19. sensible GP32

    Get Hando A Drink!

  20. sensible GP32

    Should We Move? - Forum Transfer Discussion

    Maybe we all needed a bit of a kick up the backside.