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  1. bce23w

    Fresh news from the board production (2010-10-20)

    Uh, systems design isn't like unit upgrades in Starcraft; it doesn't cost any more to design a device with a newer, more powerful processor, it just costs more to physically assemble it. Something vague enough that we should all be able to agree: the more Pandoras sell, the more Pandora-like...
  2. bce23w

    Dropbox on the Pandora

    Today I Learned Dropbox releases the source of a Linux CLI to their API that you can compile on your system. This seems like an extremely useful tool for the Pandora. Off the top of my head, I was thinking it would be great for syncing and backing up save files, or even smaller entire games...
  3. bce23w

    Best NES Games

    Hasn't this game never been perfectly emulated? Or at least, isn't it very difficult somehow?
  4. bce23w

    Best Neo-Geo Games

    yo guys ima let you finish but keith apicary has the greatest music video of all time
  5. bce23w

    Is there commercial development going on?

    I don't want games specific to the Pandora. I do want games that work on it, and after that, games that take advantage of it's capabilities. But system-specific games are tricks used by people whose business model requires that customers be locked in to their platform. The Pandora is a...
  6. bce23w

    Sonic & Knuckles HD

    :blink: This looks almost exactly like Sonic 4, a real game, coming soon to many consoles. Soooo...
  7. bce23w

    The Movie Thread

    ^^^^ Last Man Standing was based on A Fistful of Dollars, which was AMAZING, and based on Yojimbo. Just finally saw Micro Men. I'm very much an American, but the ending sequence still brought a tear to my ear. I mean, it seems like such a downer, but the only reason a movie like that was...
  8. bce23w

    Google Talk / Voice + Usb Travel Modem?

    I also would love someone to try this. I wouldn't care if you don't have a 3g modem, and you have to use broadband over wifi: the pandora could absolutely replace my phone. I think that the gmail chat client is in javascript, which is never "compiled." So unless it depends on browser features...
  9. bce23w

    A New Visual Experience In Emulated Games

    Good idea for ports, but practically impossible for emulation. Although! Rather than smart scrolling, you could do something ridiculous like have one of the nubs control the "viewscreen," moving the viewable area around the scaled-up original display.
  10. bce23w

    Post Your Dosbox Successes Here much good news! :D
  11. bce23w

    Scourge Port?

  12. bce23w

    64Gb Sdxc Cards

    The bus limit isn't so bad. Lots of games have very large content files that they only need to read a few small pieces at a time. I think a bigger problem would be finding a business model that would support the man-hours of development required for making that much content.
  13. bce23w

    Post Your Dosbox Successes Here

    Yes, God forbid you not get some gameplay with your creepy rape stories.
  14. bce23w

    Manufacturing Costs Of The Pandora

    I agree 100%. Sell overpriced t-shirts to make up for it! Or let people who bought it at the low price send you the difference in return for some exclusive sticker, like "Elite Pandora Supporter".
  15. bce23w


    I assume he meant, advantages over running it in DOSBox. Though now that I say that, I'm not even sure if it would have a playable speed?
  16. bce23w

    Unreal Tournament: Goty

    Even though it runs on Linux, the executable is compiled for x86 processors, which is not the sort that the Pandora has. Too bad, so sad, don't throw your desktop away just yet. Or better yet, start sending letters to Epic explaining that there's a growing market for "Unreal Tournament Portable."
  17. bce23w

    Has Anyone Done Anything On Gemrb?

    Maybe someday. Do your cheerleading at the GemRB forum instead.
  18. bce23w

    Think It Would Be Possible To Run World Of Warcraft

    There are dozens, if not hundreds, of browser based MMOs. I thought everyone had heard of Evony, at least.
  19. bce23w

    Mario64 Video

    Whatever, PS2 emulation is clearly within reach¡