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    SDL2 with cross compiler

    Well SDL1 works nicely in any case :) Will get back to SDL2 tonight
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    SDL2 with cross compiler

    Thanks @ptitSeb :) I have a pandoratoolchain.cmake file. Can you give a simple pointer to configuring SDL2 for pandora with cmake? (When I run I get -- HAVE_PANDORA (Wanted: ON): OFF)
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    SDL2 with cross compiler

    libSDL.a is the static library. I could change the makefile to produce a shared library but static is fine for now. See for example Edit: To produce using the above repo: diff --git a/Makefile.pandora...
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    SDL2 with cross compiler

    I've not done any pandora development for a long time and decided to get a toolchain set up so I can try building some stuff. I used to get gcc/binutils/glibc built, but next I need SDL2. I found but the Makefile.pandora there was a bit broken...
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    Release Xash3D - Half Life

    I'm using a swap partition and it's the only partition on the card, so noatime is not relevant. I could play with swappiness etc but I just wanted to try out xash3d. The card that died before was one I ordered when I first got my pandora so it was old and probably the technology has improved...
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    Release Xash3D - Half Life

    I tried with (1) just zram using the default config provided by PNDconfig and (2) using swap on a second SD card. (1) gets you a bit further but it still gets stuck. (2) works fine.
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    Release Xash3D - Half Life

    Thanks for the reply. I did wonder if I should add a swap file. I used one previously, though it eventually killed my SD card and I lost a lot of stuff. I could use a second SD card for swap, to prevent losing anything. I guess that there are no motherboards left for sale anywhere for upgrading?
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    Release Xash3D - Half Life

    I'm trying to play this on my CC pandora and it keeps crashing on the intro train ride, or just upon arrival. The SD card LED flashes heavily, the sound starts to stutter, and the frame rate drops to more-or-less nothing (it says "spf 6"). I can still access the menu and quit. I've tried...
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    Omnispeak opendingux 2020-07-02

    I compiled omnispeak for opendingux, it's a reverse engineered commander keen 4/5/6 engine. I included the keen 4 shareware version. I made scripts to start each episode, so just create a link to e.g. I also added icons. To add data for other episodes, just copy audio.ckX...
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    Picodrive 1.93 opendingux 1.93

    This is a new build of picodrive for opendingux. It solves compatibility issues with some newer games like Piers Solar. All credit to Notaz and other contributors, I just rebuilt it.
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    Release Homeworld

    Hey, nice find! I'll add the patch over the weekend and give it a test.. would do sooner but it's a bit crazy here as I just moved house last weekend and evenings are all taken up with trying to get the place to look less like an earthquake just happened. 
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    Drastic forum topic?

    Title says it all really - what happened to the topic in software news about Drastic? Am I being dumb, because I can't find it!
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    Release DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    I've been playing some FPS games (Call of duty modern warfare 4, metroid prime hunters), and I can't help wondering if there could be a way to emulate the touchscreen with the right nub for these games, as an x-y offset from the middle of the screen? Otherwise they are very tricky to play! What...
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    Reicast - Dreamcast emulator for Android (Now Perhaps Pandora - See page 2)

    Great :D Amazed that you aren't taking money for it, if you've put 2 years of work in aren't you worried about open sourcing it and people nicking it (like with gpsp)? Wouldn't you like to make money with it? The only thing I can think is (a) you're really really nice and open sourcy or ( B)...
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    Some more of my ideas

    I know it's come up before, but what about a modular processor daughter board? The eoma68 standard is looking pretty cool, everything you need in a PCMCIA card format (but note, not an actual PCMCIA card, just the physical form factor) Or...
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    Release WINE

    I had a look at the fpu and mmx code and while I'm tempted to get my hands dirty I don't really have the time, but after looking at the code I just thought I'd drop by to pass on some advice to turn off the strict overflow and strict aliasing optimisations in gcc if they aren't already, in case...
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    OpenRed alert

    This has come up before I think... OpenRA uses .net/mono, so might be too slow for the pandora (apparently mono is very slow on pandora), could give it a try though. Would be a big install as well!
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    Release Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

    Thanks for the update... I managed to get through that part already (just ran straight through the room) but it was a bit tough. I was playing last night and ran out of battery (yeah I've been playing it that much, I'm on the bit where you have to fight Desann's student woman on Bespin). When I...
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    Release Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

    I played this game back in the day, it's awesome that it's come to the pandora. I fired up the demo to give it a go, and was expecting to have no jedi powers/light saber for a while, like in the full version. I thought the controls were just really bad or something, because I was finding it...
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    DraStic Nintendo DS emulator teaser video

    That's a relief. It's surprising difficult to find info on, though if I got one I could probably do some google-fu I suppose. I'm not too bothered about graphics acceleration as long as desktop apps and compilers work fine. I don't like unity either... when ubuntu messed everything up I tried...