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    Making a new GP2X game

    You still alive? I'd love to see some new releases.
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    A video. Again. Mostly about cases.

    Is it something new to injection molding? Older game systems made from molded plastic don't seem to have these problems. Personally, I wouldn't care about them too much. After all, it is a low production product for hobbyists. Function over form any day of the week.
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    gp32 Battery Cover

    That sucks. ED was nice enough to replace the cap on my GP2X stick about 2 years ago. I love both the GP2X and the GP32. I don't know why development has completely dried up for them. They are still quite powerful machines for 2D games. Unlike other systems, I am assuming most of the people who...
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    gp32 Battery Cover

    My GP32 battery cover broke at the clip. Does anyone know if there are replacements available or 3d printer files to build one?
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    GP2X GP32 Repositories

    Are The Wiz screens known to go bad prematurely? Besides not being that much of an upgrade from the GP2X, the battery was the main reason I didn't get it. I have and still use an Atari and a Colecovision and I felt like by using proprietary batteries and the tendency for the batteries to go bad...
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    GP2X GP32 Repositories

    Thanks... I'll be going through the both of them once I get them downloaded. I wish there was more support for the GP2X today. I don't think any game really pushed the system and though there are still sporadic releases, it's rather few and far between. Just because it's old (like 10 years)...
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    GP2X GP32 Repositories

    Besides the openhandheld repository, does anyone know of an FTP site or some other repository that would make it very simple to download the entire GP32/GP2X software libraries (publicly available)? I know ED plans on keeping the site up, but there is a lot of software that would be gone forever...
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    Which Device(S) Do You Use And How Often?

      There really isn't a good reason for that though. Even the GP2X F100 has plenty of life left in it AND anyone who owns one can use it because it uses standard batteries. Though there are a lot of good game for the GP2X, I don't think anyone has really PUSHED the machine with games. We've also...
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    Gp32 Launcher

    I am thinking about picking up a used GP32 with a front light (my GP32 is useless unless I'm in a well lit area and the most of the time that I want to use it, there's not enough lighting to see the screen), but it doesn't say if the firmware has been changed. They are including an SMC card, but...
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    Mame4All V1.1 For Dingoo Native Released

    Do they still make the Dingoo?
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    Coming Back After A Long Break

    The problem is that they are TERRIBLE game machines. They don't have controllers with a few obscure exceptions. Most pads are simply too big to be portable game machines and phones are even worse and again, being saddled with no controller. The onscreen button schemes suck, BAD. There are a few...
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    Gp2X F100 Power Switch

    Despite the age of my GP2X, I still love using it to play my favorite older games and some of the homebrews as well. But I seem to be having some sort of power problem. I estimate that the GP2X uses about 1.2 watts. I haven't done it in quite a while, but there is a power program that your can...
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    I Always Laugh When I Think About How You Guys Got Scammed

    I was around when the whole Pandora thing was being discussed and one thing that always bothered me about it was the customer financing. In many cases, people put up the money for their Pandora YEARS before they got it. During that time, inflation was high and the Pandora could be made without...
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    I Still Use My Game Park Machines

    I get about 5 hours with 2- 2500MAHAA cells, and I carry a spare set. The batteries for the newer machines aren't being made AFAIK and when they are dead, well, no more portable. AAs will be around for at least 2 decades.  I am not crazy about the controller, but I could always replace it if I...
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    I Still Use My Game Park Machines

    I'd like to see a whale trail clone that can use either a button or the touch screen (on the f200). I really like that game, but it kills the battery in my iPod touch.   Honestly, I don't see the reason to buy any of the newer GamePark machines over the GP2X. They are only marginally faster and...
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    Picodrive Revival (1.91) - Gp2X/wiz/caanoo Version

    I still use my GP2X and my GP32 (it has better battery life, so there are many games that I run on the gp32 rather than the GP2X  F100) and see no real need to upgrade. Niether the Wiz nor the Caanoo off substantially better software and there is the GP2X has the largest software library by far...
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    I Still Use My Game Park Machines

    Many thanks to the person who uploaded the new version of Picodrive. I still use my gp32 and my gp2x. One of the thngs that I really, really like about these 2 particular machines is that I am confident that the batteries will always be available. AA batteries are BY FAR the most common...
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    Jxd Gaming Devices Google Play

    What version of Android do the latest JXD handhelds run? Do they come with Google Play?   I bought this Craig Notebook and it would have been really good for my needs if it had Google Play (even after I flashed it, rooted it and installed a supposedly compatable version of Google Play, it still...
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    This Guy Needs Help!

    What really surprised me is how much money this thing costed him. Also, I have been a critic of the financing ever since the project started. People don't invest their money in an operation so they can be customers, they do it to make money. All of the people who pre-ordered in the very...
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    This Guy Needs Help!   This guy has a large following and has done a very negative review of his Pandora. One problem is physical and he needs to get the shoulder button replaced, but he is also having endless problems getting emulators to work. I would...