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  1. iignotus

    Gp2x And N64

    Remaking games, namely Mario 64, is just as likely as emulating the N64 on the GP2X. You have no point. Reported.
  2. iignotus

    Ok, I Finally Got To Play Astonoshia Story In English

    No, it's just rubbish.
  3. iignotus

    Cheap 4gb Sd

    Yeah, you're welcome <_<
  4. iignotus

    Gp2x And N64

    And the answer has been available since the release of the GP2X. It will never, ever be emulated at an acceptable speed. Case closed.
  5. iignotus

    I'm So Depressed

    Suicide is the only real relief.
  6. iignotus

    How's About That Commercial Bob/docking Station?

    Just kidding lol.
  7. iignotus

    Gp2x And N64

    act II is way better than popsecret, plus it reminds me of actraiser, fucking great game.
  8. iignotus

    Too Many Firmwares

    But not right there it's not. And don't Azalin your way out of this one.
  9. iignotus

    Peoples Heights

    You're confusing ' with "
  10. iignotus

    Peoples Heights

    I can rent you two a suite if you'd like? :P
  11. iignotus

    Blasphemy! New Favourite Handheld = Psp?

    I doubt it. To sell something in a 'hypermarket', you need lots and lots of advertising -- something GPH isn't even capable of, nevermind if they advertise enough or not. Joe Consumer doesn't want some odd Korean handheld that doesn't come with any real stateside support, he wants a Sony or...
  12. iignotus

    What Do U All Think About...

    Looks okay. Small satellites but 40w is 40w I suppose...
  13. iignotus

    Ds Supercard Question

    Supercard has perfect NDS compatibility too. If you feel justified spending almost $30 more just for 10% better gameboy advance speed/compatibility, then go ahead.
  14. iignotus

    Ds Supercard Question

    Correct. Supercard Lite Rumble (SCLR) does NOT support GBA games, nor a lot of homebrew, due to the lack of ram. You want the Supercard Lite (SCLite).
  15. iignotus

    Peoples Heights

    Then how do you walk? ~6'1" / 186cm, 19 here.
  16. iignotus

    Ds Supercard Question

    It all depends on how complex the game is, and sometimes, judging complexity can be very deceiving. Around 90% of GBA games run full-speed on Supercard Lite (lite is marginally faster than SD and CF). About 8% have moderate to major slowdown, some being unplayable from it. About 2% don't work...
  17. iignotus


    And here I couldn't get my mind off Leslie Nielson... :unsure:
  18. iignotus

    My Faith In The Human Race...

    I actually agree with you prejudicially, but I don't have deep personal, intimate experience with anyone greatly mentally disabled (like family members), so I can't really commit myself to that opinion. It is how I've felt for a long time, though.