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    Steam's Linux Future. A Smart Move?

    It actually has 16 buttons... The thing is, Valve's Living room experience is made to work perfectly with a controller in mind, and to be more specific: the 360 controller, which works almost flawlessly plug and play with most modern and indie games. Sure there's other options around (DS3 with...
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    Release DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    Can't confirm this, since I don't own an android device, but a friend of mine mentioned that the menu interface was only available in vertical position, and not horizontal. Otherwise, he was extremely well impressed by the capabilities and performance :)
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    Release DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    Started playing Pokemon platinum a few days ago, and it runs great on the new update. The combat forces you to use the lower screen, but you can still control it with your dpad. Either just remembering the combat moves, or switching quickly through screens with the X button. I've gotten quite...
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    Release Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

    PLays fine for me, original game was also made with 4 buttons for moving (wasd), and not analogue stick.
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    Release Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

    Been playing through to kejim mines and loving it so far. Is there any chance Jedi Academy will ever run on the pandora, or would that be pushing it to the extreme?
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    Port request: Freespace2

    You should check out these threads: It's been silent for a while, as moving it from OpenGL to ES isn't done in a whim, and the developers don't see much...
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    Search in this forums seems to ignore 3-character words?

    Yeah, it's a bummer about most forum searches. They should just "blacklist" the most common short 3 words like "the" and "and", and allow all other words that are 3 characters long.
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    What does pandora have the ability to run?

    I've been looking at getting OpenMW to compile, but I still don't have a device in my hands, so I'm stuck :P
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    Let's go - Help wanted :) (2012-10-01)

    Hoping a new batch is on the horizon. I ordered when there were about 5 left, but my wages and wire transfer didn't arrive until after the weekend, at which point they've now sold out. Even though the order page says it's been packaged and is awaiting the wire transfer, I'm just hoping my unit...
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    Slogans, Native Language, and Dialect

    With you there. the only reason I ever said "Take control", is that I would prefer it to "Take the controls", but I'd still prefer something completely different, or actually, none at all. We've made it thus far without one.
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    Slogans, Native Language, and Dialect

    As I've said before: "Take control" sounds so much better. This comes from a Norwegian. Alternatively, you could also add "again" to the end, to remind people of the (g)olden days of no DRM and the customer being in charge.
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    Dragon Box Shop Question...

    If you preordered from Craig (or ED), and still haven't received your unit, you can upgrade to a 1Ghz unit before it is shipped out to you. This also works if you bought a 1Ghz unit (or like me and others, preordered over 3 years ago, upgraded to 1Ghz, still got nothing) from Craig, and you want...
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    Release Yamagi Quake2

    Does it run smoothly on 1ghz?
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    1Ghz units resuming shipping next month

    Hah, well that kinda sucked for me. I wired over money to ED yesterday for a cross-upgrade. I guess I'll have the comfort of knowing my unit will ship this upcoming week instead of next month, though the money will be dearly missed with sorrow.
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    Purchasing the 1Ghz

    Anyone know if cross upgrading goes as fast as a new purchase through ed, or if he has to wait for some funds transfer from craig first?
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    Who has Received their 1Ghz Pandora Poll

    Luckily I just landed a new and well-paid job this week, and salary is hopefully rolling in next week. Should make it easier to order an cross-upgrade through ED, or just buying a new unit and forgetting about my craig order.
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    Let's go - Help wanted :) (2012-10-01)

    Well damn it, it seems you can only switch upgrade from an "old" order, and not a 1Ghz order. That's gonna cost me full upgrade price, and is currently a bit too much for me. (considering I've already paid for and upgraded once)
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    Let's go - Help wanted :) (2012-10-01)

    How do you go ahead and do it? Who do you contact and how? Tried sending ED a pm, but no reply :(
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    Let's go - Help wanted :) (2012-10-01)

    That sounds great. Would it be free or with a "transfer fee"? I honestly wouldn't mind paying a bit for upgrading my order to your store. My current alternative is to order a new 1Ghz unit from ED and eventually cancel or just resell my Craig order if it ever arrives. I don' want to cancel, and...
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    Let's go - Help wanted :) (2012-10-01)

    I could offer up some work on the graphics side. Also, once my t-shirt webshop is fully operational sometime in the next 100 years or so (okay, my own deadline is november...), I'm thinking about offering pandora t-shirts. All profits would go to the OP team of course, it would give me some...