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  1. gaterooze

    This Is Just Sad.

    I've just started using my Pandora more than ever (even after getting an iPhone and netbook recently), I just hope more people get the chance to do so now!
  2. gaterooze

    Preorders Have Started.

    All I can say is... I was one of the first 200 pre-orders and I yesterday finished Super Mario 3 on the plane coiming home from London. No complaints here, except that I have yet to exploit the machine to its full potential! Although I did whip up a spreadsheet during the trip when my laptop...
  3. gaterooze

    Release Super Geometry Dust

    What a great game, wermy. SGD is a real ripper! Thanks a lot!
  4. gaterooze

    Most Underrated Games

    Definitely not underrated, it was a hit in every magazine that reviewed it, and incredibly popular. Another underrated one - Urban Chaos: Riot Response on Xbox. Quality FPS with a twist (the riot shield, mainly).
  5. gaterooze

    Most Underrated Games

    Plotting was a different game to Puzznic. Both good though. My most underrated is Ardy Lightfoot on the SNES.
  6. gaterooze

    Release Dungeon Master / Chaos Strikes Back / Etc For Pandora :)

    That's great! I've always wanted to play these through properly (never got far on Amiga back then), and this is the perfect vehicle. Thanks!
  7. gaterooze


    He didn't say that at all. He didn't even say he won't release the source, or pick it up again at some point (maybe when his Pandora finally arrives).
  8. gaterooze

    Tisk Tisk Craig

    I think it's more likely that early RMAs were from recycled stock, which greatly increased the probability of multiple failures.
  9. gaterooze

    Caanoo - A Fail Console?

    Only an Aussie will get that.
  10. gaterooze

    Vicex64 Issues

    Seems fine here, I only wish I could map Up as both D-pad Up and a button at the same time! I used to have severe slowdown/weirdness problems at times, but it mostly seemed to be the bug when coming out of low power mode (closing the lid), where the clock would be permanently set low. The other...
  11. gaterooze

    Pandora For Sale

    It's not going to drop that much, if at all. It will just move up to Pandora 2. Regardless, are you kidding about it being a "rip-off"? Its price is pretty damn good considering what you get and the source (a bunch of enthusiasts, not a mega-corp). Very fair price for the feature set IMO.
  12. gaterooze

    Commodore Machines: Vice2X

    Will it work through Ginge?
  13. gaterooze

    Vice Help

    I wonder if another alternative is to load in a fast-loader cartridge (e.g. Epyx FastLoad) & boot the games from there?
  14. gaterooze

    Vice Help

    Kick it old school: LOAD"$",8 [then enter] (note - to achieve this on Pandora, type L[shift-O][shift-2][shift-4][shift-2],8 ) then type LIST (or L[shift-I]) [then enter] then to load an individual game: LOAD"[game name]",8,1 or the first couple of letters of the game name followed by *...
  15. gaterooze

    "your Pandora Has Been Shipped"

    edit: nevermind, I thought you were still waiting for yours and offered to meet up to try my fresh arrival - just realised you already got yours. The Aussie contingent must be growing now...
  16. gaterooze

    Vice Help

    Re-enabled sound (somehow it got disabled) and now enjoying a brilliant emulator. Also realised that Vice creates a folder in SD:/pandora/appdata and if you put your games directory in here it will show up in the initial vice directory search. Yay! Still getting used to how PNDs work, obviously...
  17. gaterooze

    Vice Help

    It worked for me too - thanks snurty. Prometheus, give it another try... Although now my sound has stopped working in VICE. Will mess around with that.
  18. gaterooze

    Vice Help

    Blimey, you're right. Bizarre.
  19. gaterooze

    Vice Help

    Hello, I tried searching but could not find any references. Great port of Vice, although I have run into two issues: 1) Only tape games will work for me. Disks stick on "Loading" forever. I have toggled Warp mode on and off. Are there other settings I should play with, or should I just get the...
  20. gaterooze

    "your Pandora Has Been Shipped"

    As much as an angel's wing.