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  1. DrCJBoduma

    Games Done Quick

    Anyone going to watch any of this - Speed running marathon (all for a good cause) Here's a list of who's running what. I might watch the El Viento run (odd megadrive game - would be interesting to see it done at speed) Anyone else sad enough to watch any of this? :-) CJ
  2. DrCJBoduma

    Pyra Release date - Make your Guess here.

    Just for fun........ ....make your guess as to when you think the first Pyra will be received by a paying customer.  Closest date wins (nothing) 2014 August 22nd - Giggolol13 November 5th - B-ZaR November 6th - mcobit December 10th - erico December 25th - DaMummy 2015...
  3. DrCJBoduma

    Pandora and Evernote access or similar (i.e.

    Hi, As it's the last remaining windows only service I seem to use regularly, I was wondering if any of the more savvy people on the boards, might know the feasibility of getting either geeknote ( up and running ( I have tried to do this myself using c devtools but ran in...
  4. DrCJBoduma

    30h Flight any ideas?

    I have recently booked a flight from the UK to new zealand, which lasts a reasonable 30 hours and am looking for some suggestions as to what would be a good use of the pandora to help cope with the flight duration. I have already completed final fantasy 7.8.9 so was thinking chronotrigger on...
  5. DrCJBoduma

    Things you have noticed since playing on Compo4All...

    In no particular order Flying shark is so much harder than I remember it - I swear I used to be good at this game, I can barely survive 1 minute nowadays. Frogger + donkey kong are really great games - I never  played them much as a kid, but really enjoy them as an adult For the games I...
  6. DrCJBoduma

    Retro Console collection - how do set yours up.

      I had a bit of time to kill and so decided to finally try and set up all my old games consoles in my attic room. Check out the monster (fire hazard), why sega had to have these massive plugs I'll never know.   Here is the console collection   and I've just connected up all the tv...
  7. DrCJBoduma

    Post your amateur films here.......

    If you have ever made a amateur/homemade film and want to share it, post it here. I have included a couple of my own bad efforts, but would like to see what others have made. CJ
  8. DrCJBoduma

    Megaman Promo Art ebay

    Not a massive fan myself, but see a lot of megaman fans on here. Looks cool to me CJ
  9. DrCJBoduma

    New Super Mario Kart level SNES

    Haven't tried it yet, but thought it might be of interest to some CJ
  10. DrCJBoduma

    Angstrom Repo Down? Is it just me ? CJ
  11. DrCJBoduma

    Enigma and LateralGM

    Hi,+ Enigma was mentioned in a previous thread . Was just wondering if anyone has had a go getting it up and running on the Pandora. I managed to get the LGM bit working fine, but don't know where to start getting the enigma part working. (wiki install instructions for linux + Dependences )...
  12. DrCJBoduma

    [SOLVED] SD slot stopped working

    Hi, Unfortunately, one of my sd cards came apart whilst in the 2nd sd slot and left a bit of plastic right at the back of the slot. I managed to remove the offending piece, but now sadly the sd card slot no longer works. (the LED light 2nd from left, flickers faintly - but nothing shows up...
  13. DrCJBoduma

    Game maker for linux

    Just came across this. If this eventually comes out is it a possibility for the Pandora? What do you think? CJ PS you can read the forum post as well if you want 8 pages of arguing about whether wine is an emulator or not and lame linux vs windows discussion...
  14. DrCJBoduma

    Electronic Arts And Bioware Release Ultima Iv For Free! Not sure if i'm late to the party on this, but it's worth mentioning, also so is the website, they have also done sterling work reviewing the pandora in the past.
  15. DrCJBoduma

    Esoteric Pandora Uses

    Just thought I would start a topic to share ideas and information about things the good ol' pandora can do, but maybe not everybody knows about. It could be simply a piece of software you enjoy and use, a game you think has been missed out on(homebrew/ports), or just some general little...
  16. DrCJBoduma

    Gluon Project (Game Creation Software) For Linux

    The people behind the gluon project have released an update, anyone fancy giving it a try on the pandora, or at least a look to see if it's possible. I have tried and failed to install it on my desktop PC (cannot install a new enough version of alure (1.1 or higher) due to my lack on linux...
  17. DrCJBoduma

    Pandora Pandora's Box

    Hi All, Seeing as game editor is looking better and better thanks to the great work of WizardStan (link) I though it a good time to float my idea past people to see what they think/hate :-) I figure with game editor there will be lots of opportunities for nearly everyone to give game making a...
  18. DrCJBoduma

    Video - For You Retro Collectors Out There

    Quite the collection I personally think he also has the right idea about games, not factory sealed, games should be opened and played.
  19. DrCJBoduma

    Display Issue

    Hi, Yesterday I booted up my pandora as usual but the screen had some wierd glitches, I rebooted and all seemed well again, but then this morning the same thing happened and rebooting doesn't help, any ideas CJ Broken sword (in game)
  20. DrCJBoduma

    Wifi Problem

    Hi, hoping this is not a repeat topic. my wifi seems to be playing up (and has been since day 1) I can occasionally get a decent connection, but all too often the connection seems temperamental, the browser (chromium, fennec etc) just hang while loading pages, downloads seem to get a load of...