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  1. momosxp

    Caanoo / WIZ Wiz Usb Controller/gamepad Driver

    Hey m8s. I thought it would be very cool when i could use my wiz as a gamepad. You can connect it already to the computer via USB. Could it be possible to write a driver or other software for this reason??
  2. momosxp

    Paper Plane 2

    Hey :D I released Paper plane 2 for GP2X wiz. I own a WIZ and so i could test the game and know that it's working. But on GP2X it's not easy like this. I don't have a gp2x and so it would be nice if someone could test it on his GP2X and tell me if it works fine or not before i upload it to...
  3. momosxp

    Fceu And Double Dragon 3

    Hello! I got today my new GP2X f200 (Firmware 4.0) and i put some emulators and roms on it. But i have a problem with two. 1. Double Dragon 3 doesn't work on the FCEU. It hangs on the main screen of the game. 2. Super Mario Allstars has Grafik Errors on the main screen and later (Level 8-4) in...