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  1. ingoreis

    GHZ Pandora can play Netflix with Android (maybe CC and Rebirth too)

    Hi Guys.. ..freshly reflashed my Pandora and thought: Hmm why do i not try Android again. With the little Yalp Store (an Alternative to Playstore)...i got a Netflix APK which is working fine: see this here in my Youtube Video: I will try that Setup...
  2. ingoreis

    Request: Pandora Kernel Update 4.7.6 ?

    Hi i found a Video where one User the Omap SGX530 Driver for the Kernel 4.7.6 got working. Maybe we can have a Kernel Update for the Pandora? I would like a Kernel Update for supporting many more DVB-Devices and more Drivers. Had 3 DVB-C USB Dongles here and no one is working on our older 3.2...
  3. ingoreis

    Release Viewnior 2018 Picture Viewer

    Hi... ..with the Help of the Pandora Telegram Group from here: I was able to compile the latest Git Version of the simple and fast Picture Viewer Viewnior. Finaly a good Picture Viewer with a Fullscreen...
  4. ingoreis

    Upgrading Pandoras with an CPU Upgrade?

    Hi all..:) Brother is able to solder Microchips and very little SMD Things. Question1: Is it possible to change the Omap3530 to an DM3730 with the same Pinout? I want to buy DM3730 like this and i want to upgrade some of my Rebirth/CC Pandoras...
  5. ingoreis

    Change the Pandora into a Amazon Echo Alexa Device?

    Hi all. I found a Tutorial in German to change a Rasperry Pi into a Amazon Alexa Device here: It would be fun when you can make this with the Pandora too. On the Pandora we have a Linux,Microphone,Wlan and Speakers too. So you dont must buy an Alexa Device when you like that funny Idea of it...
  6. ingoreis

    Release Dragonscurse Wonderboy 3 Remake

    Hi i ported Dragonscurse long Time ago but did not get the Pandora Controls work with this Game. With PtitSebs Help it work fine... ..but i let the Files long Time on my SD. Now i created a PND with them.:) Happy playing and thx again to Ptitseb ;)...
  7. ingoreis

    OpenPandora Special Retro painted Case have finaly arrived taked looong Time and it have finaly arrived. After all other 3 failed Projects: -failed Community Aluminium Case -failed second Aluminium Case specialy for me from an Circuit Board Portal User -failed self 3D Printed golden Pandora Case (unlucky to bad for use) I proudly present here...
  8. ingoreis

    custom 3D printed golden Pandora Case

    Hi all..unfortunaly the Golden Pandora was good used here and the Original Case was in not good Condition anymore. That was the Reason for me to try to Print a new 3D Case for it. That was Printed with Häfners Hubäfner Its is golden PLA. It is printed...
  9. ingoreis

    Searching .hack .G.U Series Ps2

    Hi i seach nearly the Last Games to complete my Private Ps2 RPG Collection. This are the 3 .Hack .G.U Series Games as US Version. Maybe someone of you have them @home and sell them to me. From a Collector to a Collector and not from a Collector to a Seller :D My offering is maximum 120 Euro/130...
  10. ingoreis

    Howto make Minecraft playable on the GHZ Pandora

    Hi as you have seen in my last Youtube Minecraft Video.. ..i got MC realy fair playable with the Open Pandora. Here is now a Howto what i did and what you can do to make it playable on yours ;) First a few Words: My Videos are only as a Client on a Server,not standalone gaming MC on the...
  11. ingoreis

    I search a GHZ Board for the beautyfullest Pandora ever

    Hi Guys. I search a fully Funcional 1 GHZ Board for a Pandora Case which will specialy made for me. It will be an OpenPandora in Nintendo Retro Look. Painted by Hand and not by a Machine will this Case wait for a functional 1 GHZ Board. Maybe someone of you is willing so sell me one GHZ Board...
  12. ingoreis

    Release Lix - Freeware Lemmings Clone

    Hi another Game what wonderfull worked to port. Thx to Ptitsebs CodeBlocks PND ;) I proudly Present: Lix - an Opensource Lemmingsclone :D Simple play it with Nubs. Here a Video of this Game recorded from my Pandora here: and here the Downloadlink...
  13. ingoreis

    Release WetSpot2 for Pandora

    Hi here is a little Game which i ported. Its a little Arcade Game and your Goal is to destroy all Enemys to finish the Level. Thx to Ptitseb to learn me how to adapt the Control Button for the Pandora :) A Video of the Gameplay is here :D Download here...
  14. ingoreis

    Release Falling Time

    Hi i portet Falling Time to the Pandora. Its a nice fast short little Arcade many Rows do you get? ;) Should work fine on all Pandoras..please report :) Download here: Cheers :D
  15. ingoreis


    Hi i portet a nice Puzzle Game named Freeblocks for the Pandora. Would be glad with Reports that it work fine :) Download here:
  16. ingoreis

    Announcing:Vampires Dawn soon on the Pandora

    Hi all, With PtitSebs newest EasyRPG and the Agreement of the Vampires Dawn Team i will present a Vampires Dawn PND for the Pandora next Days. Vampires Dawn is a nice RPG Game and many Users know about it. When you know very nice and complete English or French RPG Maker Games i can package...
  17. ingoreis

    Release Lufia Iduras Revenge RPG

    Hi all. Based on Ptitsebs newest EasyRPG Version i was able to present you now a PND with Lufia Iduras Revenge Fanmade RPG for RPG Maker 2000 Download here: And a Video here: This...
  18. ingoreis

    Skyrim on the Pandora via Remote Play + Video

    Hi maybe you renember the Slashtop Remoteplay Software for Android? I played Playstation 2 on the Pandora with it via Remoteplay and there where some Users who wanted to see SKYRIM ;) Now with my new Graphic Card Radeon R7 is it possible to use Skyrim in 800x600 via Remoteplay on the...
  19. ingoreis

    Spectec Wlan b/g SDIO Card on Pandora,need Help

    Hi all i bought this rare SDIO Wlan Card for the Second SD Slot on my Pandora and want to ask if anyone can please compile that Linux Driver that i found. There are some Kernel related Things which i dont know and i found this Linux Driver for it from Spectec...
  20. ingoreis

    Android PND Wifi connection Problems?

    old Text is in Spoiler :rolleyes: Do you mean there is any Fix for the permanent loose Connection in the Android PND? All 1 or 2 Minutes gone the Connection for 3-5 Seconds because Wifi reconnecting in Android PND :huh: I know that Notaz said he do no support for the Pandora Android and i...