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  1. crazyhorse

    Happy Christmas or whatever you celebrate!

    Got some sad news today. After 7 years of medical training, my good friend has been struck off after 1 minor indiscretion. He slept with 1 of his patients & now can no longer work in the job he loves. What a waste of time, training&money. A genuinely nice guy, and a brilliant vet.
  2. crazyhorse


    Sounds pretty beefy! Thanks to ThePhawx Edit: amended title, the Win 3 is a separate device.
  3. crazyhorse

    Prototype despatch notice!

    Yes! recieved notification of my prototype order being posted! Yee haw! not long now! Will let you guys know how it feels once i get my grubby mitts on it.
  4. crazyhorse

    GPD G5A gamepad handheld device Also available from asiapads, deal extreme, geek buying etc I've got one of these and can confirm its totally awesome.I've owned a lot of devices before and this is up there with the best...
  5. crazyhorse


    I have my open pandora classic unit for sale. It is fully working and includes 48gb of sd storage, a spare battery(new) and new soft carry case.The nubs both work, the wifi is fast and the screen is responsive and no dead pixels.The hinge stay open at any angle and the unit overclocks to a...
  6. crazyhorse


    Got a nintendo 64 console with everdrive on ebay, plus a dingoo if anyones interested.
  7. crazyhorse

    Icontrolpad,K1 Gba, Gp2x wiz, Ydpg18a, jxd s7100b and psp for sale.

    Hi, selling off a few items that may be of interest. Up for sale is an icontrolpad, jxd s7100b, a yinlips ydpg18a, a gp2x wiz, psp 3000 and a k1 gba console. Ebay link and click on view other items. Thanks -...
  8. crazyhorse

    Dreamcast, Gamecube, Saturn, N64 and Wii for sale on Ebay

    Check out my auctions on ebay uk, will ship to other countries at cost.Start 1p, no reserve.
  9. crazyhorse

    Yinlips Ydpg16

    Just pre ordered one of these from else going to get one?
  10. crazyhorse

    Wiz Gp2X For Sale On Ebay Uk

    Hi, my gp2x wiz is for sale on ebay uk,delivery to UK only.Thanks.Item number: 220805121921
  11. crazyhorse

    Wiz Video Playback

    Can somebody tell me what the quality of video playback is like on the wiz.Are true blacks possible?, is the screen tearing still an issue?, Does it stutter at all? - i believe converting the video to the wiz's resolution corrects this.Thanks.