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    Best Usb-gamepad Under Linux

    Very few people would argue that the xbox 360 controller is not one of the most comfortable controllers on the market. The analog sticks are great, the triggers are tactile, and there are plenty of buttons. However, you must keep in mind battery. 360 controllers are rated at 350ma while the...
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    Pandora Pandora Emulator Frontend

    a suggested splash screen... I tried experimenting with some animations, but I haven't decided which looks best yet. Feel free to use the picture as you please
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    Pocket Projector

    honestly.... for a forum full of hackers, I am very surprised no one even suggested a mod to an existing one. 10 lumens isn't much, but 100 is plenty for a 20 inch screen.... consider modding the light source. Luxeon LEDs will put out 100+ lumens and a battery, LED driver, and LED can be...
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    Pandora As A Wearable Computer

    Although a pandora/beagleboard would be cool, and I realize this is a pandora forum, but the wearable computer benefits from being a real computer. pros: way faster, x86 compatiblity, more ports, supports external video card for nice...
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    Valve + Pandora

    valve did port the engine to opengl es 2.0, and I also heard a lot about valve wanting to bring the platform to linux. Who knows, maybe one day the Pandora will become important enough for Valve to even consider it. That said, HL2 would probably not run all that great on the Pandora. It...
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    Makin' Mah Mmo

    i was just curious. It didn't seem like poisonedV, normally he is way more skeptical.
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    Makin' Mah Mmo

    How are the graphics done? They look like they are definitely pixel art, but I know someone else interested in making an mmo said it would be best to use vector. Need any helps w/ graphics? I would be happy to make some pixel or vector art. @PoisonedV why are you suddenly so nice? Why didn't...
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    Remote... Console?

    I have always though that VNC servers are very slow, and I thought of a decent idea, but I have no idea if it was possible. Could I use a computer to capture, digitize, and broadcast sound and video from my xbox360 to Pandora over wireless network, while sending controls through the network to...
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    Open-source Games That You Like?

    Nexuiz is unlikely. It is far too graphically intensive. The most graphically intensive fps we could get on the pandora is probably quake 3 or sauerbraten. However, sauerbraten was expected to have severe problems with larger maps, although it should work fine in any small map games.
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    What Is The Value Of Money?

    I feel the need to post here. I asked exactly this question for primarily this concern a few weeks ago, and was met with mixed answers. It is always rude to ask about monetary situations, however, this much is true: If the first batch sees significant success, a second batch WILL be made, and...
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    Pandora Keyboard Leyout And Fps Games?

    one usb port. obviously I would not carry those in my pockets for everyday use, just on like plane rides and such.
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    Pandora Keyboard Leyout And Fps Games?

    I am going to buy this, this, and this and I will use 4568 to move 79123/scroll to reload and switch weapons, Enter to jump, mouse to look and shoot thats...
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    Solder Pads. How Many And What Can They Do?

    I wanted rumble... Incredibly easy mod, plus cheap and useful. But it looks like the keypad backlight can't be used for a rumble?
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    Solder Pads. How Many And What Can They Do?

    okay, so i am kind of a noob, but I would like the answer to orginal poster's question as well. It looks like we have: R2 L2 Battery External Mic TV out Unknown to me: RS-232 KPBL I looked up RS232, and it looks like what I would call a 'serial' port, is that true? I guess KPBL means Keypad...
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    Any News About A N64 Emu Lately ? I Dont Find Anything In Search

    Over at Zodttd's forums he seems to be EXTREMELY confident. by extremely, I don't mean it will happen right away at full speed, but Zodttd is not worried. I seem to remember him saying lightheartedly that he should "really get going on n64pandora" and he has indicated on several posts that he...
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    Pandora As A Business Venture

    Thanks for the answers everybody, its good to here obviously I did not intend to be rude, but I apologize if I did offend. I am not concerned with specific information but rather I am concerned with the future of the Pandora. I want the devs to be making a somewhat significant profit, not...
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    Pandora As A Business Venture

    I have been curious for a while now as to whether or not the devs are making any money. Because I care about the success of the Pandora team, I want to know how many of these assumptions are true. The first 3,000 units will be made with borrowed money. These first 3,000 will turn a small...
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    Touch Screen

    thank you. It is not as if I don't like ignorant people, I just don't like the attitude they usually assume. glad to see you read up.
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    well im in the USA, and if you give me a *gift* of 350 dollars, than ill give you the gift of a *free* pandora!
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    Simplistic Backgrounds

    what about 320x480 for iPhones? remember: portrait, not landscape!