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  1. GinGordon

    Sailfish OS on Pyra?

    Each use case is different of course, but me personally, I would already be a very happy camper with vim, wyrd, ipython, ssh and mercurial-hg all in the command line. Dual and even triple booting has been demonstrated on the Gemini PDA, so that might also be an adaptive solution to varying...
  2. GinGordon

    Sailfish OS on Pyra?

    I do not want to be a party crasher, but is seems that Sailfish OS on the Gemini PDA is getting a really big thing. Some advantages of Sailfish OS on Pyra would be: Out-of-the-box phone support, Graphic acceleration, Linux command line, Optimised for a horizontal layout, Support for a limited...
  3. GinGordon

    Open... and close... and open...

    Use a stethoscope to locate the noisy part, or a little electrotet microphone.
  4. GinGordon

    How to calculate a price for the Pyra

    I do not understand why we Europeans need to sponsor the shipping costs for the US customers. US customers do not pay VAT to start with. This implies that you could keep the price basically the same for both. With the extra 20% you pay either the VAT in Europe or the shipping to the US.
  5. GinGordon

    No prototypes for GamesCom, but a Wifi Chip and a Pyra in the dark!

    5GHz is very useful in congested areas, even more so in the near-future If you live in a city centre, close to a busy road and terrasses, the extra 5GHz channels are very welcome! Here are some world-wide statistics, based on actual measurements: Source: I have been...
  6. GinGordon

    Bringing the case and PCB together

    On the keymat, I see many alternate characters more than once: ( ) " and ! . I hope we also get ' ` ^ ~ $ \ and | so that Pyra can be easily used with the Linux shell as well as for typing Markdown.
  7. GinGordon

    Unofficial Keyboard Layouts

    A few remarks about the keyboard layout I saw at the beginning of this thread: No tilde ~ means no quick home directory navigation in Linux, nor subscript in Markdown. No square brackets [ ], nor accolades { } for programmers, Javascript, CSS, Markdown, LaTeX, ... No backtick ` which is amply...
  8. GinGordon

    Got displays, looking for keymats

    Apropos the keymat; ask the people over at Ikea who manufactured the black silicon rubber PLASTIS ice cube trays for them.