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  1. wardred

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Glad you're feeling better ED!
  2. wardred

    A short-trip to Greece

    Hi Ed, I'm glad to hear you don't seem to have a bad case of Covid. I hope you're taking care of yourself! It sounds like most the remaining case issues have been resolved. I look forward to hearing how the shipped samples end up working. Looking forward to receiving my Pyra. Thank...
  3. wardred

    Beauty competition.

    Hey ED, Either color works for me, but I slightly prefer the plain black. Kiga, I don't care about the logo plate, it looks fine to me, but if it's a big concern for people $300 Euro isn't a lot. If you could find 30 people who cared enough to pitch in $10 Euro to make logo plates of...
  4. wardred

    Latest update: Keymats are here, how strong will the logo plate be - and pretty cases.

    Ed, The matte black really looks good. It doesn't sound like you need to tweak any of the tolerances either, which was my main concern and something that happened with the Pandora. Thank you for taking the time to research solutions and find one that works!
  5. wardred

    A video. Again. Mostly about cases.

    Ed. Thanks for the video! It's been a long road, but it's nice to see how close things are to being ready for production now. I'm with Matzesu - I like the blue. Especially if the keyboard / nubs will end up black for a little bit of contrast. My preferences: 1 - Blue 2 - Black 3 -...
  6. wardred

    Even more to see here (now)

    Azouls, Thanks for all the work checking out the color choices and mold tweaks. I'm not sure what everybody will eventually go for, but I appreciate all the work you've put into this project!
  7. wardred

    Gamescom 2019

    Ed, Thank you for the updates! I know it's been a lot of work. I'm excited to hear you're close to sending production orders out!
  8. wardred

    Some personal stuff - and prototypes building!

    Hey azouls, I just wanted to say thank you for doing these videos! It was great seeing your equipment at work, and I look forward to getting my Prya and seeing these refinements in action.
  9. wardred

    The Pyra is crying!

    Great news! I gotta say Nikolaus's soldering exploits impress me.  I always managed to muck things up the few times I tried soldering. I look forward to seeing it boot with ram when you guys get a stencil in the proper thickness. @Zoranc - I'm not very active, but confess I still use the the...
  10. wardred

    There's More Distros in the Sea...

    Err. . . not quite. It's more like you could have KDE, Gnome, Unity, Desktop of choice from distribution of choice and choose which desktop to login to from the login screen. If you try to install multiple distributions on the same / partition, even if the installer didn't delete the other...
  11. wardred

    Release Announcing Platform Game for Pandora

    These are some really nice graphics.  I've seen some projects where the game play was actually quite good, but the graphics dampened the experience. I can't speak to the game play aspect of things, but if all reblobbed's graphics look like this, they certainly won't be a disappointment! Edit...
  12. wardred

    Release Rocks'n'Diamonds [UPDATE]

    It's like Boulder Dash on steroids.  I haven't played much, but so far what I've played I've enjoyed. Thanks for porting this!
  13. wardred

    Release Rocks'n'Diamonds [UPDATE]

    I don't even remember which system I played Boulder Dash on, but I really enjoyed boulder dash.  For some reason I think it was on a Atari computer.  A slimmer model of keyboard with cartridge slot computer than the funky chunky yellowing thing I had in school. Rocks and Diamonds sounds like...
  14. wardred

    Release Rocks'n'Diamonds [UPDATE]

    This looks similar to boulder dash. . .
  15. wardred

    Action button labels

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers it! I was really disappointed when I finally abandoned it because I no longer had a sound card or motherboard with a joystick controller jack. I seem to recall, at the time, having difficulty finding an analog to usb joystick adapter. . . but I may not...
  16. wardred

    Action button labels

    I forget, but wasn't one of the reasons the button layout was different than any other console because the console manufacturers either copyrighted or trademarked their layouts? One of the handiest applications I remember for gaming was back in the win9x erra for the sidewinder joysticks. It...
  17. wardred

    (e)-SATA Port

    I wouldn't go down to 1 usb port to support eSATA.  For me it'd be much more useful to retain both fullsize USB ports. Edit: Just my use case.
  18. wardred

    Tegra K1

    CDouble, if Pyra runs Android, I'd guess that it would be as an alternate OS/dual boot environment.  If this is the case, there wouldn't be a performance impact. . . but you'd have to reboot to get to the other OS.  I don't know if there has been any talk to get things to work in any other...
  19. wardred

    Am I doing something wrong?

    I've seen odd things happen with mplayer and some video files.  Generally if I use gl video rendering it helps. . . though I can't say I've tried that on the Pandora.
  20. wardred

    Some more of my ideas

    I may not have phrased that well.  With Cyanogen mod you're still tracked.  Pretty much with any version of Android out there you are. . . it just depends on who's tracking you.  Amazon, Google, etc.  But when you install Cyanogenmod you don't get the Google Play store by default, which for a...