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    Will You Buy It Now?

    QUOTE Mr B Doesn't that swing goes both ways? Probably not. Buy "Stumbling on Happiness" by Dr. Daniel Gilbert. Here's a few quips to get you pointed the direction he's going...QUOTE 1. What is your definition of affective forecasting? You like to say you study happiness—how are the two...
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    Lets Be Realistic...

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    Will You Buy It Now?

    I tried PMing him but his box is full. I wonder why ;)
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    Will You Buy It Now?

    Well I'm buying this, easily. I got all hot & bothered over the fact that the Pandora answers my every complaint of my GP2X, which honestly doesn't get used much anymore. The GP2X:Has cheap construction / joystick Has no Wi-Fi Doesn't support powered USB devices Sucks as soon as you need a...
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    Gp2x F200 --> Still Varying Mhz Ranges Of Cpu Core?

    I didn't know about the GP2X F200 until "Game Editor" e-mailed me a notice about their latest release, and I saw they added support for a touch screen GP2X. Huh?! Anyway, do these models still involve the crap-shoot for how well they overclock? Anyone in America/Canada sell them and guarantee...
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    Gbsp - How Do I Save The State?

    gpSP, so noted :) Okay, I figured it out. In your readme... I did a search for SAVE and didn't see it listed in the controls. QUOTE -- IN-GAME -- VOL MIDDLE (UP + DOWN) -> menu PUSH STICK -> fps display toggle (second number is...
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    Gbsp - How Do I Save The State?

    Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones seems to work, but how do I save the state? The documentation mentions nothing of getting back to the menu system. Also, I set the screen from UP** to FP** but that didn't set the screen to a full size... I pressed Y to save my settings. I want to be able to save...
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    Dzz Games

    Doh! I hope I haven't missed you checking this. It is great to see you are back, Dzz. I fell out of the scene after my GP2X thumbstick broke, but Grahf fixed it for me and now I'm back, mostly mooching off of all the great stuff there is. It's good you are sticking to what you enjoy. I burned...
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    Ultimate Fenix In Project

    Less bugs and perhaps ... ah yes saving arrays to text files would be great.
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    What Is The State Of The Psp Homebrew Scene?

    Thank you guys, I feel somewhat illuminated. It certainly jives with my intuition and gives me more specific examples of what's going on.
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    Getting A Port Of Zelda Classic

    Awesomeness. Glad it's still in the works.
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    Payback: Great Game, A Bit Dark?

    MP3's should be easy but no, I haven't done it myself. As noted in developer blogs, Payback uses a completely custom sound format system which is especially awesome for the GP2X. I think it handles everything in integral math, which is like, weird, but they do it. So you have to use the encoder...
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    Changing Avatar?

    That sure worked! :)
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    I'm Baaaack! My Gp2x D-pad Mod And Paintjob - Finally Done&#3

    How did you get the paint to stick? How chip-resistant is it? And welcome back!
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    How Come This Costs $80?

    Interesting. I wonder what way MS will try to enter the handheld market one day - the Wii has already doomed the gamepad, which is way past it's prime. Does anyone remember the original NES gamepads? Advertising always had kids putting them on the floor and using them. They were small as to be...
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    Psp Vs Gp2x?

    Sorry Orkie, but I had to sig this, it's just beautiful when taken out of context and just applied to all human communications: "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you aren't entitled to your own facts." - DaveC
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    Changing Avatar?

    I am trying to update my avatar, from it's current to a new one. I've tried many sizes (pixel dimensions and total file size) to no avail - what happens is my existing avatar gets the new dimensions, if they are different, but otherwise doesn't change. I tried removing it first, and then...
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    What Is The State Of The Psp Homebrew Scene?

    Yeah, cursory reading on the Web proved me that. And talking to a friend who has one, but doesn't mess with his firmware.
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    Psp Vs Gp2x?

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    What Is The State Of The Psp Homebrew Scene?

    I read up on my Wikiality... I'm not sure how closely tied to reality that is. The amount of firmware updates / downgrades / ways to be compelled to upgrade / ways to downgrade again is just staggering. Sony really has been waging a...