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    Why Fixed Price In Dollars?

    sure, but if it was fixed to pounds, the US people would moan... come on, if you can not afford it for € 350,- you can not afford it at € 250,- if the difference works out to be € 66,- that is just something like 18 beers in a pub. means one less drunken weekend. that would be a good idea...
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    Why Fixed Price In Dollars?

    so € 66,-- is a dealbreaker for you? come on...
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    What Is Your Worst Fear About The Pandora ?

    that using bluetooth PAN is not as easy and "instant" when configured as it should be. I want to setup the PAN once, and when booth pandoras BT and my phones BT are on, it should use the PAN for all network traffic to/from the internet. I am sure this works conveniently with the Xubuntu built...
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    EVE-online on pandora

    this can only come from someone who has no clue about modern java implementations. It is fast, modern java guis are responsive and with skill (thats needed not just for java guis) they look nice and professional. you cannot compare an application like intellij running atop a Java 6 VM with...
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    yet another stupid... thread (on porting)

    well I think it is possible. I already posted elsewhere that Suns OpenVM 6 was ported to the Nokia N800, so it should be possible to do so for the Pandora too.
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    Release Second Life

    sick world :)
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    Pandora and Open Source World Conference?

    the pajero? :) hm. i never heard about "problems" with gp32spain? could you elaborate?
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    Open-source Games That You Like?

    exult was ported to the GP2x, so I would really hope that it will be ported to the pandora, maybe use the high resolution natively for a bigger view, or scale up with something like hq3x edit: wasnt GemRB ported to the N800, at least partially? so it must be feasible the project seems to have...
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    Can we keep this forum permanently?

    yes, import the openpandora threads to the GP32x forum and link the URL to the GP32x forums.
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    Release Windows CE on Pandora?

    that is not correct. when you buy a game you accept the licensing terms, and these usually state, that you are NOT allowed to play the game on a system other than what it was designed for. period. regarding CE: if you don't have a license to run it, it is illegal. period.
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    dammit. thats exactly what many of us have warned about. But as it is part of their rules, they have all the right to do so, unfortunately. CronoTriggerfan, do you read this? :) I remember the arguments about paypal... I doubt you can do much about it. but, craigix, the question how many...
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    I Just Got My Pandora!

    lol, same here. already had chosen my payment method, now the server can't connect to it's db...too bad :(
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    What Does Craig Look Like?

    <img> heh, nice. you look rather good for a computer guy :)
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    Pricing And Performance?

    well I think most dont get how much smaller the pandora is. it is the size of a nintendo DS and, as the others said, intended to be put in your pocket, not in your backpack :)
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    Pxml File Format Defintion

    either way is good. I am an XML nut myself, but +1 for the .desktop files if they can do what you want to achieve.
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    Closed Source Ports

    I am all for indie games! I spent a couple of hundred Euros on applications and games for the PocketPC over the years. I would do the same here in a heartbeat.
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    It affects it in that paypal closes accounts if you receive money and they are not sure if its fishy or not. you know, craigix wants to receive money. lots of it :)
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    Hypothetical Situation: If 3000 Is All That Ever Get Made...

    they didn't? I have to go and check SWOTL...
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    the reason why sellers are not allowed to charge buyers for using paypal is the same that credit card companies (Eurocard/Mastercard/Visa/etc.) state: if it costs more, buyers often won't use it. that would mean a loss for the credit card companies and paypal. it is as easy as that. regarding...